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Summer Hill House

About the service

Reach Out Recovery’s Rehabilitation Service provides both residential and non-residential rehabilitation programmes to support recovery from substance misuse for people who will benefit from a structured environment to achieve independent living in less structured settings drug and alcohol-free.

What we do and how we do it

Summer Hill House is a 27 bed residential unit. It is run by a partnership between Reach out Recovery who deliver the rehabilitation programme, Birmingham City Council who manage the building and Adullam Housing Association who manage the tenancies and provide a 24 hour concierge service. There are options for both residential and non-residential rehabilitation programmes.

There are 2 different options for residential rehabilitation:

16 week residential placement for those who have unsuitable housing. This is housing benefit funded.
4 week residential placement followed by a 12 week non-residential placement for those who have suitable housing but would benefit from a short period of residential treatment. Dual housing benefit can be claimed for a period of 4 weeks.

Our vision is to provide the highest quality of treatment within a safe and supportive environment with a holistic programme that enables you to

  • Understand your past behaviours and circumstances and how they have led to your dependency of substances.
  • Develop a ‘toolkit’ to enable you to move beyond a life of dependency into one of independent living and active citizenship.

Our approach is to provide you with

  • A daily structure that provides you with individual and group work that supports you to develop some of the skills you will need in continuing your recovery, such as relapse prevention, and mirrors some of the routines that you will experience in the wider world, e.g. a structured day and a leisure/social-focused evening.
  • A stepped approach that reduces reliance on services as your recovery capital increases.
  • A community that enables everyone to work and live together that provides opportunities to develop alternative ways to improve your wellbeing, e.g. access to mutual aid, ways to improve your health, etc.
  • Treatment that works with you to meet your individual needs alongside the needs of your rehabilitation.

Make an appointment

Speak to your recovery coordinator to arrange a visit. 

You can contact the Reach Out Recovery service on 0121 227 5890. 

Make a referral

Your recovery coordinator can organise a referral.

You must be Reach out Recovery client to access the rehabilitation programme. 

Can't attend your appointment

Call us on 0121 675 0424.

Weekly timetable 

Structured programme Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm. The programme consists of structured group work, peer led activities, mutual aid meetings and community activities.

Weekend support 8am – 4pm. 


Summer Hill House
18 - 21 Summer Hill Terrace
West Midlands
B1 3RA
United Kingdom

The building has a 24 hour concierge.

The programme team are here 8am – 4pm, 7 days a week.