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People are at the heart of everything we do.

#BelieveInPeople celebrates the amazing people that make our organisation: our staff, volunteers and the people using our services. Read their inspiring stories below.

We want to challenge stigma about substance misuse, spark meaningful conversations, and raise awareness.

Shauna's #BelieveInPeople Story

“My son has told all of his friends I'm in recovery. And he said it's because “I'm proud of you mum”.

Having that personal experience helps my work. I can see people relax when I say “I am actually in recovery, there’ll be no judgement.”

If I won the lottery, I'd still work at Change Grow Live. We need people to know that we believe in them and that they can do this."

Read Shauna's #BelieveInPeople story
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Helen's #BelieveInPeople Story

"As an adult I drank alcohol socially and as a coping strategy for life’s challenges. I drank more heavily in times of stress, and drinking became daily 17 years ago.

Change Grow Live supported me to attend my first group. I realised I was not alone and needed support. I was supported by my peers in groups and by my care coordinator.

I am grateful for life, where before I didn’t care. I am proud to have done two sober Christmases, with many more to come!”

Read Helen's #BelieveInPeople story
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Elly's #BelieveInPeople Story

"Our service users face stigma as soon as they walk out of this door. So, we need to talk to people and treat people with respect. Having that dedicated time is absolutely priceless.

At Change Grow Live I can come in and do a really meaningful intervention, whether that just be listening to someone or giving them time, advice, the right information, or hooking them up with the right professional.

I'm able to be there for those times when someone comes in in a crisis, whether that's drug induced or something else is going on for them."

Read Elly's #BelieveInPeople story
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Simon's #BelieveInPeople story

“After I got clean with help from Change Grow Live, I started up my own business as a plasterer.

“I'd always wanted to work within the drug and alcohol services and eventually got a job with Change Grow Live on the outreach team and later as a recovery worker. It was my dream job.

“I don't even consider myself to be in recovery anymore, I’m just living life. Now it’s about me trying to be a better person and trying to do more for myself and others.”

Read Simon's #BelieveInPeople story
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James's #BelieveInPeople story

"My motivation to be a peer mentor was to give other young people the perspective that I’ve been where they are now.

Eventually a paid role came up and my managers suggested I apply. They had this sense of belief in me that I could do it.

I’m not sure people realise how much it means to me – I haven’t quite figured it out myself yet."

Read James's #BelieveInPeople story
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Gemma's #BelieveInPeople story

"I’d come from a place where I was using drugs and was sex working. I wasn’t wanted around by anyone.

Now, I’m a Women at Risk Worker. My biggest motivation is being a voice for these girls. The women I work with finally feel they’re being listened to.

I believe no one is too broken – they just need to be believed in."

Gemma's #BelieveInPeople story

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