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Our stories

People are at the heart of everything we do and above all else, we believe in people. 

We want to celebrate the amazing people that make our organisation: our staff, volunteers and the people using our services. Read their inspiring stories below.

Smiling image of Craig

“Recovery to me is like starting afresh. Like cogs in a wheel, the more cogs I add, the better it gets.” 

We hear from Craig about his recovery journey and how he used his time in prison to discover a new purpose.

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An image of Debbie

“My confidence is growing, and I am starting to have more faith in myself and be who I want to be.”

We hear from Debbie, who was inspired by one of her peers to join Change Grow Live as a volunteer. 

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Image of Catherine Muyeba

"I had given up on the dream of practicing medicine, but she instilled the confidence in me."

We hear from Dr. Catherine Muyeba who tells us about the doctor who inspired her own career.

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Image of John W

“My volunteer training ignited a passion in me that I had not felt before.”

We hear from John W, who joined Change Grow Live as a volunteer and now supports people as a Recovery Coordinator. He explains how his volunteer training and new opportunities for learning helped him with his own recovery. 

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Prison gave me the chance to look at my life and the things that had happened.

“My hopes for the future are to make life better for people in prison.”

We spoke to John*, who started taking drugs at 12 and went to prison at 35. He explains how believing in himself helped him to change his life, and how his experiences have inspired him to help others.  

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A photo of Loren, she has red hair and glasses. The photo sits on a background of pink and blue, split diagonally.

“I feel that we all have it within ourselves to change another person’s life.”

We spoke to Loren, who volunteers at our service in Brighton. She explains how her recovery from illness inspired her to change her direction.

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"My son has told all of his friends I'm in recovery. And he said it's "because I'm proud of you mum"

“My son has told all of his friends I'm in recovery. And he said it's because ‘I'm proud of you mum’.”

We spoke to Shauna, a Substance Misuse Nurse for Change Grow Live, about overcoming addiction and how important it is to believe in yourself and others. 

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Helen is smiling at the camera while sat in her garden

“I am grateful for life, where before I didn’t care.”

We spoke to Helen, who accessed our services for help with alcohol. She explains how she overcame her reluctance to change with the support of the people around her.

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Elly has bright orange hair and is smiling at the camera

“I guarantee every family in the country will know someone struggling with an addiction.”

We spoke to Elly, a Harm Reduction Recovery Coordinator at Change Grow Live, about how she has been believing in people for nearly 30 years. 

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A bald man smiling at the camera. the image sits on a background of dark blue and lilac

“I don't even consider myself to be in recovery anymore. I’m just living life.”

In today’s #BelieveInPeople story, we spoke to Simon, a Recovery Worker at Change Grow Live, who shared how he is now in his dream job.

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“I’m not sure people realise how much it means to me – I haven’t quite figured it out myself yet.”

We spoke to James, who told us how he became a peer mentor to encourage and inspire other young people.

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Gemma's photo sits in the centre. She has dark hair and is wearing dark clothes smiling at the camera and stood in front of a brick wall. There is a border around the photo, half orange and half pink.

“I believe no one is too broken– they just need to be believed in.”

We spoke to Gemma, who told us how the belief of a recovery worker changed her life, and how it led to her role supporting sex workers in her area.

Gemma's #BelieveInPeople story
Head and shoulders shot of Dudley smiling at the camera and is stood in front of a brick wall

"My life now is just amazing. I like to class myself as a positive role model to those who are still lost."

We hear from Dudley, who told us about how his experience with us has helped him to grow and give back to society.

Dudley's story