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Specialist services

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Our street outreach services work with vulnerable people who sleep rough on the streets, many of whom have additional needs including mental health problems and drug or alcohol dependencies. We work to understand the complex reasons why someone might be sleeping rough, and provide support tailored to their needs, whether that’s getting them back in touch with their family, or helping them address traumatic experiences from their past. 

We currently provide street outreach services in Camden, Lambeth, Cambridge and Leeds.

Domestic Abuse

The Portal - East Sussex

CGL has delivered domestic abuse services in the South East for twenty years. Working across East Sussex and Brighton & Hove, our service provides information, advocacy and practical and emotional support to women and men living with domestic abuse and violence.

We help victims explore their options, including housing, safety, legal issues and guidance through the court process. We also put them in touch with other organisations that may be able to address their concerns, including refuge accommodation and sanctuary schemes. Our aim is to support people to make informed choices.

Click here to visit the Portal website.

Mental health

Dual Diagnosis Service – Dudley

Our Atlantic Recovery Centre drug and alcohol service in Dudley provides additional specialist support to people with a dual diagnosis of substance misuse and mental health problems. Our service addresses the complex interplay between substance use and mental health problems and supports individuals to access mental health interventions alongside substance misuse treatment and recovery services.


Afterparty chemsex service – London

Afterparty is an outreach service that provides, advice, guidance and support for Gay and Bisexual men involved in chemsex.

We actively promote healthy and sober sex, whilst helping to increase the number of those accessing help and support with their chemsex use. We also provide free home HIV self test kits. 

Read about Tadgh's experience of working at the service.

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