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Health and wellbeing services

We deliver a broad range of services for adults, young people, children and families to improve physical health, mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Some of our services address the health inequalities experienced by people whose lives are adversely affected by issues including social and economic deprivation, homelessness, offending and domestic abuse. Others are focused on public health issues including substance misuse, obesity and smoking.

As a health and wellbeing service provider, we combine medical, psychological and social work interventions to support people to make lifestyle and behavioural changes that will improve their health and wellbeing and increase their independence and self-determination.

All our health and wellbeing interventions begin by working closely with individuals to help them identify the areas of their lives that need to change or improve and working with them to develop a personal plan of action that sets out clear, achievable goals. Interventions are delivered in one-to-one and group settings to combine the benefits of a professional-client relationship with the opportunity to share experiences and goals with others.

  • Statistic One

    Last year we provided treatment programmes to 13,651 service users with a mental health condition

“Thanks, I would have never achieved this without your help! 10 years of smoking and eventually I'm addiction free and it feels amazing.”
Newcastle Stop Smoking Service client
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We provide:

  • Integrated health and social care services that address physical and mental health issues alongside social needs such as homelessness, finance and debt, education, training or employment and personal relationships.
  • Emotional wellbeing services, including talking therapies such as counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness to overcome negative thought patterns and promote good mental health, self-esteem and emotional resilience.
  • Mutual aid and peer support to encourage people to work together to improve their lives.
  • Participation in social and cultural activities and sport and exercise to reduce loneliness and isolation and promote physical and mental good health.
  • Medical services for people with substance misuse needs focused on risk and harm reduction, overdose and relapse prevention, including testing and vaccination for blood borne viruses, needle exchanges, wound care and naloxone training and distribution.
  • Prescribing services for people with drug and alcohol problems designed to reduce consumption safely and support people to overcome dependency.
  • Interventions for people with a dual diagnosis of substance misuse and mental health needs.
  • Specialist support for people with complex physical and mental health needs that reduce inappropriate A&E use and unnecessary hospital admissions by engaging people effectively in community based health and social care services.
  • Specialist psychological support for people who have experienced traumas in life such as family breakdown and domestic abuse.
  • Statistic One

    Last year 890 CGL naloxone kits were used in overdose situations, potentially saving lives

  • Statistic Two

    Last year our five mental health services worked with 506 new clients

Stop Smoking Service – Newcastle
We offer a 12-week programme of behavioural support alongside nicotine replacement therapies (such as patches, lozenges and gum), or Champix tablets (a prescription medication which reduces the craving for a cigarette and the effects felt by smoking). Our aim is to reduce the risk of smoking related illness by assisting local people to achieve their non-smoking goals.
Emotional Wellbeing Service - Cardiff and The Vale
We focus on providing early, brief intervention to promote good mental health, self-esteem, emotional resilience and regulation plus issues related to wider risk taking behaviours. This includes, but is not limited to drugs and alcohol, sexual health and positive relationships, self-harm, criminal activity and emotional health.
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Greenwich Prisons Social Care
This is a prison social care service for adult offenders aged 18+ in the London Borough of Greenwich. Our team provides a wide variety of services including health & wellbeing planning and support and resources for patients to improve their overall quality of life and build resilience.
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Lambeth integrated sexual health and substance misuse service
Brook has partnered with Change Grow Live to create new integrated health and wellbeing services for young people in Lambeth and Southwark. These services will bring together the expertise from both organisations in delivering sexual health and substance misuse services for young people.
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