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Children and family services

Change Grow Live delivers specialist children, young people and family services in several local authority areas. We support children, young people and families who live with issues ranging from emotional and mental health needs, lack of family or parental support or problems with drugs and alcohol and involvement in other risky behaviours. Our aim is to intervene early to keep children and young people safe and to prevent their problems from becoming more serious.

Our professional teams of social workers, family support workers and youth workers deliver integrated services to optimise physical, mental and emotional health and improve people’s life chances.

We work in strong partnerships with other local agencies and services to ensure children, young people and families get the best package of support for their needs. For example, the team at our Cardiff Children & Young People’s Emotional Wellbeing Service works closely with other services for children and young people across Cardiff and the Vale, provided by secondary and primary care, social services, youth services, youth offending services and NHS drug and alcohol services

Support for families affected by substance use

Many of our drug and alcohol wellbeing services provide additional support for the families, friends and partners of those involved in substance misuse, regardless of whether those individuals are in treatment.

We recognise the impact on the whole family of living with someone who is a substance user. Our aim is to support and educate family members about substance misuse and teach them coping strategies so they are better able to help their loved one overcome their dependence and achieve recovery.


"In the group we would talk about being supportive and encouraging to our loved one but not enabling, and I had not heard of all of this before. I started to feel I could do things differently - I started to feel I had more power in the relationship with my son. I felt I could talk to him."
Liz - Lewisham Family & Carers Group attendee
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Our children and family services

Some Space - Camden

Some Space helps Camden residents 18 and over who are affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use. This specialist service helps family members, partners or friends to regain control over their own life, whether or not the drug or alcohol user is also receiving help.

Explore Family - Nottingham

The team at Explore Family provides a range of support options in order to reduce the impact of substance use and support a whole family approach to recovery. 

The Alcohol Service - London

The Family and Carer Service provides advice and support to family members, friends, and carers of individuals experiencing problems with alcohol. This includes one-to-one support sessions, wellbeing workshops and counselling.

ResoLUTiONs - Luton

The Family, Friends and Carers Service provides information, advice and support to anyone who is concerned or affected by somebody else’s drug and alcohol use in the Luton area.

The person who is using drugs or alcohol does not have to be in treatment with ResoLUTiONs for you to receive support. The team offers sessions on a 1 to 1 basis covering the five steps family intervention. If needed, referrals can also be made to their counselling service or to partnership agencies.

Cardiff Children & Young People’s Emotional Wellbeing Service (EWS)

This service provides brief, solution-focused interventions based on CBT to promote good mental health, self-esteem and emotional wellbeing in young people aged 9-17 who live in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. The aim is to provide timely, early-interventions for young people to avoid their emotional wellbeing concerns escalating to the point of needing more specialist support at a later date (such as referral to CAMHS).

The service addresses physical health issues, such as sleep, nutrition and exercise, where these impact on emotional wellbeing. We also work with young people exhibiting risk behaviours such as offending, substance use and sexual activity.

The service is delivered in partnership with other agencies to ensure young people receive the support they need, from the right service, at the right time.

Speak Out! - East Sussex Children & Young People’s Advocacy & Independent Visiting Service

The East Sussex Advocacy and Independent Visiting Service give a confident voice to children and young people, equipping them with the skills to demand the very best care from services, and to hold services to account when care provision falls short. Independent Visitors offer young people the support of a trusted adult and the opportunity to take part in fun activities.

The service is provided in partnership with Sova, the University of Sussex and the University of Chichester.

Family and Concerned Others Service - Tameside

The Family and Concerned Others Service work with over-18s in the Tameside area who are affected by someone else’s substance use, even if they are not accessing treatment. The team offers tailored support for family members, partners, parents, siblings, neighbours, co-workers etc. We also work alongside other agencies to offer a holistic approach.

PIPS (People Impacted by Parental Substance use) Service - Tameside

The PIPS Service offers a specialised approach to under-18s who may be affected by a parent’s or carer’s substance use. Support is offered in the community and helps young people understand and manage thoughts and feelings as well as staying safe. The team also delivers age-appropriate substance awareness plus activities in the community.

Walsall 0 - 19s Early Help Service

The Walsall South and Central Early Help Service provide advice and support for families and children aged 0-19. We’re here to support your family as soon as possible, improving family life and wellbeing.

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