change, grow, live – health and social care charity

Our approach

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Change, grow, live strives to innovate and develop new approaches to service delivery that meet changing needs and offer service users the best possible opportunity to improve their lives.

All our services are designed to encourage individuals to find the strength and resources within themselves to achieve and sustain the life and behavioural changes they seek.

Infrastructure and governance

We have developed robust central and infrastructural resources that guarantee our risk management, governance, health and safety and other management systems and processes. We use sophisticated case management systems to capture rich data which we use to improve operational and clinical processes and optimise the management of treatment and care. All our services adhere to comprehensive safeguarding policies to protect any children and vulnerable people we work with.

Service user involvement

Service user engagement and involvement ensures our service delivery is relevant and effective and that we are in touch with the people who matter most. We have a national Service User Council and there are Service User Forums in the majority of local projects. Service users are consulted on every process and service model that affects them. They are actively involved in our Values Based Interviewing processes and contribute to our EDI (equality, diversity, inclusion) strategy. Service users also sit on our reducing mortality committee, and their suggestions for cutting deaths from overdose have been implemented across services.

Health and wellbeing

We aim to promote good health through empowering individuals, their families and the wider community to make healthy choices and reduce risks.

We combine medical, psychological and social work interventions to support people to make lifestyle and behavioural changes that will improve their health and wellbeing and increase their independence and self-determination.

Families and carers

We understand the importance of the family and other connections when it comes to service users changing their lives. Our responsibilities are far-reaching – extending beyond the person in front of us to encompass the wider family. We also recognise the rights and needs of carers and understand the resource that carers represent in terms of helping individuals achieve sustainable outcomes and in preventing future harm and problems.

Psychosocial and psychological interventions

Our therapeutic programmes use a range of evidence-based psychosocial and psychological interventions, using asset-based approaches that are focused upon supporting vulnerable people to build their resilience and develop their recovery capital within their local community.

Our psychosocial approaches include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Contingency Management (CM), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT), Couples, Behavioural and Family therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Our approach is supported by a clear, competency-based framework that aligns and evaluates our workers’ abilities, qualifications and practice against clearly defined and auditable standards.

Clinical, nursing and psychological expertise

Our clinical directorate includes pharmacists, specialist nurses, doctors and psychologists. Strategic leadership is provided by our medical director who ensures the consistent quality and safety of our clinical practice and the continuing professional development of our team. Together the clinical team provides a package of health and wellbeing interventions which address the broader range of an individual’s health needs. We gather and analyse clinical data from across our services to support clinical decision making and ensure we target clinical care in areas of greatest need.

Specialist treatment pathways

Our healthcare expertise is underpinned by a holistic approach to assessment and care and recovery planning. We deliver specialist treatment pathways that mean packages of care are tailored to individual needs and aspirations. For example, we aim to address the specific needs of people with multiple health issues, including people with COPD, older people, people with a dual diagnosis of mental and physical health needs and pregnant women.

Digital resources

Digital technology enables service users to access treatment and support at a time and place that suits them. All our service users are given access to Breaking Free Online, an online treatment and recovery programme which provides 24-hour, personalised support for people in recovery.

We are also now offering online self-assessment for drugs and alcohol, and we are piloting online referral and Live Chat.


We have developed highly specialist roles where knowledge, experience, skills, qualifications and values combine to provide outstanding outcomes. We have recently introduced the Wellbeing Hour programme, where staff take an hour out of their work schedule each week to devote to an activity that promotes their health, wellbeing or development.

Peer mentoring and volunteering are central to our service delivery. They provide opportunities for people in recovery and members of the local community to lead on the development of sustainable recovery capital in local communities and take part in a wide range of recovery activities.

Diversity and inclusion champions

Our commitment to equality and diversity goes beyond internal policies and compliance with legislation. As an organisation, our shared values of social justice and respect mean we are committed to doing everything we can to tackle and address discrimination and harassment in any form. We are appointing diversity and inclusion champions in all our services, who have specialist training to enable them to raise awareness and understanding of diversity issues.