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Transforming service delivery

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Transforming service delivery

25 September 2015

I have had an inspiring and challenging week ‘on the road’ attending various meetings alongside some long overdue project visits.

I spent the day with our Pathways to Recovery colleagues in HMP Belmarsh joining a team meeting and sitting in on some groups delivered by staff and our Peer Mentors. The day highlighted for me the power of ‘peer to peer’ engagement alongside and within ‘professional’ input. The mentors I spoke to were proud of their achievements, the qualifications gained and their role within the service and prison. Perhaps as interestingly was the view of the Governor who stated explicitly that the role of the Mentoring service in Belmarsh had quite literally changed the nature of the relationship between the officers and offenders. Our film of the Pathways Mentoring service will be available soon.

A visit to our Reach Out Recovery service in Birmingham followed and I was struck by the words of two different colleagues:

I was met in the reception area by a staff member who took me up in the lift to the delivery area. When I asked how he has found working in the service (that only opened in March) he response was “I am a nurse – I transferred in from the NHS after 16 years and I can’t believe how much I love it, I never knew work could be this exhilarating, every weekend I look forward to Monday’s”.

Over a cup of tea at lunchtime a receptionist colleague who was looking rather tired said “I am exhausted – it’s a great role and it takes every ounce of my passion, energy and intellect every day – it flies by”.

Inspiring people using their passion to change lives – every day.