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Additional support

Families and carers

At The Alcohol Service, we understand the impact that alcohol misuse can have on a families, friends, and loved ones and we know the struggles faced by those caring for a loved one who is dependence on alcohol or drugs. We recognise that in order to help people in their recovery from alcohol, it is vital to also support the people around them.

So, our Family and Carer Service provides advice and support to family members, friends, and carers and also seeks to involve family members in their loved one’s treatment journey.

You can refer yourself directly to the service by completing the referral form or calling 0800 014 7440. We can arrange to meet you at a venue close to your home, such as your GP practice or an appropriate venue that is local to you. Some of our support groups will also run from various venues such as Community Centres, GP surgeries, and Children Centres, amongst other suitable venues. 

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Counselling is an opportunity to speak to a professional about personal problems, emotional states or any issues affecting your life. These could be concerns from the past, the present or anything that worries you about the future. Counselling sessions can enable you to review past painful situations in a way that will empower you. You might also want support to change present destructive or unhelpful behaviours or thinking patterns. A further option is to look at how you can help yourself become more fulfilled, deepen your self-understanding and develop more of your potential.

Counsellors do not primarily give advice; they discuss problems with you and support you to choose what action to take. Counselling sessions aim to give a safe space where you can explore issues in order to help you sustain your recovery and move on in life.

Counselling is by appointment only. You will need to be referred to the counselling service by workers at The Alcohol Service or by another health or social care professional, such as your GP or a mental health practitioner. You can also self-refer by talking directly to staff in our service.