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Spectrum - Stevenage is a free and confidential drug and alcohol service for adults.

Our Stevenage service is also open to people living in Letchworth, Hitchin, and Royston.  

We will help you to make and sustain the changes you need to make to reduce and, ultimately, stop your drug and/or alcohol use. We aim to empower you to identify and realise your goals throughout your recovery journey, in order to live a healthier, safer life.

How to contact us

If you would like to refer yourself or someone else to the service you can use our online referral form.

Refer yourself

Refer someone else

We always welcome new clients, so please get in touch if you are interested in getting help from the service or you’d just like to ask some questions. Feel free to bring someone with you on your first visit.

We are based at Armstrong House, Norton Road, Stevenage. You can call us on 0800 652 3169 or email us on


If you would like to refer yourself or someone else to the service you can call, email or visit the service in person.

You can also complete our referral form in advance and either email it to us or bring it with you when you visit the service.

Word referral form 

PDF referral form

We provide:

  • Alcohol screening, advice and brief interventions
  • BBV screening and vaccination and access to Needle Exchange
  • Counselling 
  • Opiate Substitute Treatment
  • One-to-one keyworking
  • Access to detoxification (alcohol and drugs)
  • Family and carers groups and support
  • Cooking skills and other life skills groups

Can’t make your appointment?

It’s really important that you let us know. Ideally please call us on 0800 652 3169. You can also email to let us know on

What do our service users say about us?

“It hasn’t always been easy and of course I’ve had my doubts. Everyone in recovery has their little tricks or things that work for them, and for me it’s knowing that I can always go back to drinking again if I want to. That might sound strange, but it means that I’m making a choice – that I have a choice – and that I am in control of myself and my future. For me, that’s really important.”

Spectrum service user 

What's on?

Second and fourth Monday of the month 1pm  Welcome group: Introduction to treatment 
Monday 2pm SMART group 
Tuesday 2 - 4pm Complex Needs clinic (Turning Point) 
Tuesday 10am  -5pm Counselling appointments
Wednesday 2pm Opiate pod (invite only)
Wednesday 2pm Non-opiate group
Wednesday 6 - 7.30pm Carer's Cafe 
Wednesday 6 - 7pm Opiate Pod (open to scripted service users)  
Wednesday  6.30 - 7.30pm Relapse Prevention
Thursday 1pm Foundations Of Recovery group
Thursday 1.30pm Auricular Acupuncture 
Thursday  2 - 3pm Opiate pod (invite only)
Thursday 8pm Narcotics Anonymous 
Friday 10am - 12pm  Housing Advice (Supporting Herts drop in) 
Friday  10.30am Extended Brief Interventions group
Friday  2pm Foundations of Recovery group
Last Friday of the month 11.30am Service User feedback forum
Saturday 11am - 1pm Cocaine Anonymous 
Sunday 6-8pm PoppIn support group (Adept Living Foundation) 

Where can I go for further support?

More information

Each Spectrum service has a recovery team that includes doctors, recovery nurses, recovery workers, social workers, counsellors, volunteers and peer mentors.

Families, friends and carers

We understand that it can be very difficult when someone close to you misuses drugs or alcohol. You will face many challenging situations and may need advice about what to do to help your loved one. We can provide one-to-one support or introduce you to groups where you can share your experiences with others who know what you are going through.

Other locations

Our other Spectrum services are located in:​

We also have smaller part-time services in Letchworth, Hitchin and Royston. Contact us for further details.

For out of hours enquiries and advice, call 0800 652 3169​

We’d love to hear your story of using our service. Tell us what was good or how we can improve on our Care Opinion page, linked below.


We are just past the roundabout connecting Gunnels Wood Road and Six Hills Way. We are a 15-minute walk from Stevenage train station. 

Norton Road
United Kingdom

Out of hours enquiries and advice: 0800 652 3169

  • Monday 10am - 5pm 
  • Tuesday 10am - 5pm  
  • Wednesday 1 - 8pm   
  • Thursday 1pm - 5pm  
  • Friday 10am - 5pm  
  • Saturday 10am - 1pm


Jackmans Community Centre - Letchworth

Ivel Court
United Kingdom
0800 652 3169

Attendance is by appointment only. Please contact the Stevenage service on 0800 652 3169. 

Monday 1 - 5pm 
Tuesday 9.30am - 5pm
Wednesday 1 - 8pm

Coombes Community Centre - Royston

Burns Road
United Kingdom
0800 652 3169

Attendance is by appointment only. Please contact the Stevenage service on 0800 652 3169.

Tuesday 9.30am - 5pm