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Our approach

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Change, grow, live is one of the largest social care and health charities in England and Wales. We strive to innovate and develop new approaches to service delivery that offer service users the best possible opportunity to change their lives.

All our services are designed to encourage individuals to find the strength and resources within themselves to bring about the life and behavioural changes they wish to achieve.

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We have embraced the opportunities provided by new technology to offer service users greater accessibility to treatment and effective support to help them maintain their commitment to change.

This involves developing partnerships with likeminded providers at the forefront of treatment and recovery thinking to devise and implement innovative programmes and tools to support individual recovery.

These include:

Breaking Free Online

This online treatment and recovery programme provides 24-hour, personalised support for people in recovery. Breaking Free Online has proved particularly useful for the development of recovery communities and helps peer mentors and carers to develop their skills. A key benefit is that it can be readily accessed by those who may find it difficult to attend services regularly. Change, grow, live has invested in the development of this programme to ensure that it is available to all our service users across the country.

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Text messaging prompts

Change, grow, live in partnership with D2D and NESTA, use an innovative text messaging service to send regular prompts and motivational messages. Each individual service user designs the messages they will receive. This increases the impact and help individuals sustain their recovery progress. 

Smart Recovery

SMART Recovery has created networks of recovery communities across the country that empower individuals to recover from addiction. Change, grow, live has a national partnership with SMART Recovery UK to support this innovative self-help initiative.

Foundations of Recovery Programme (FoR)

FoR is our therapeutic programme focused on helping individuals achieve abstinence and sustain recovery. FoR has been constructed to move away from a prevalent acute model, towards one that supports individuals from their first contact, helping develop citizenship and function independently of services.

FoR was developed alongside our partner, Emerging Horizons, and this unique programme is copyrighted to change, grow, live.

FoR has been constructed to move staff away from a prevalent acute model, towards one that supports the individuals from their first contact to become citizens if their communities and function independently of services.

The flexible programme is delivered in three stages:

  • Foundations of Change looks at why people use substances and why they might want to stop, reduce or control their use.
  • Foundations of Growth is about growing the tools of individual recovery and developing the mind set to succeed and achieve recovery goals.
  • Foundations of Life is designed to support people to resist the urge to use again and find the strength and resources to maintain change.

A wristband is given to the participant upon completion of each stage and ongoing aftercare support is provided through mutual aid and peer support with peer mentors and recovery champions delivering ‘Recovery Check Ups’ 3, 6, and 12 months post discharge.

Benefits include a higher rate of change amongst service users who achieve better outcomes and the empowerment of service users to develop their own tailored recovery communities.