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Working with you

Rewards and benefits
We offer competitive salaries and 25 days annual leave increasing by 1 day each year up to a maximum of 30 days.

Childcare vouchers
CGL is a member of the national childcare voucher scheme.

Career planning 
You will be given plenty of opportunities to acquire the skills, experience and competency you need to advance and develop your career within change, grow, live.

Making your mark 
We value individual creativity and initiative and you will be encouraged to contribute your ideas to the development of services.

Meet our people

Supportive colleagues 
There is a strong team spirit in change, grow, live and you will be well supported by your colleagues as you face the many new challenges ahead.

Developing partnerships 
You will work closely with colleagues in our many partner organisations and be involved in developing and enhancing those partnerships.

Listening to you
We will give you plenty of opportunities to make your voice heard.

Supporting you

Health and wellbeing
As a paid member of staff at CGL, you are entitled to take an hour out of every week for an activity that promotes your health, wellbeing or development.

Probation and induction
All new staff have a six month induction and probationary period and receive a formal induction and copies of human resource policies. 

New staff have regular supervision during their probationary period and monthly supervision thereafter. Supervision is a dynamic two-way process and is based on a shared agenda.

Performance development framework
You will also receive a detailed cyclical performance development framework which will be used to identify your personal development plans and set clear targets and goals for your work.

Personal and professional development 
You will be given opportunities for personal and professional development, including internal and external training courses and time off to pursue relevant higher education qualifications.

“Working for [change, grow, live] gives you the opportunity to really make a difference to people’s lives. Instead of just talking about it, we get out there and do it.” 

- CGL Staff Member

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