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About us

We provide help and support to adults, children, young people and families. Our innovative and creative approach allows us to provide a broad range of safe, high quality health and social care services.

Last year we helped over 


people across the UK

to change their lives for the better

Our areas of expertise include:

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    Children and young people's services

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    Criminal justice

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    Family services

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    Health and wellbeing

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    Homelessness and accommodation

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    Substance use

Our service users
We work with people who want to change their lives for the better. We believe that everyone has the right to lead the best life they can. Our accessible services empower people to improve their health and wellbeing and achieve positive and life-affirming goals.

We always listen to our service users and review our outcomes to constantly develop and improve what we do.
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CGL is committed to involving service users in all aspects of service delivery.
"This organisation is all about second chances. I'm so thankful that Change Grow Live were willing to put the trust in me and give me the opportunity to move forward with my life."
Carl - Outreach Worker and former service user

Our outcomes

We are known for our effectiveness and are proud to be judged by our results.

Our staff are really successful at bringing about positive change and frequently achieve much better results than similar services from other providers.

Last year:

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    Our 23 family services supported 679 new families

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    We worked with 13,651 service users with a mental health condition

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    8 out of 10 young people leaving treatment had overcome their substance misuse


We focus on the service user as the way to achieve positive change for the individual and community at large.

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Allows service users and employees to reach their full potential and achieve their ambitions.

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A shared commitment as individuals and as an organisation.

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For each person we engage, without reservation or judgement.

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Being driven by innovation and determination – to bring about the safest, healthiest outcomes for individuals and communities.

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Our work is more than just a job.

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Our approach

We combine a charitable ethos with sound business principles. Our rigorous approach means we are financially stable and operate efficiently to achieve a good return on investment for commissioners. We also aim to create added value by establishing sustainable local services, training peer mentors to support others, setting-up social enterprises and supporting people into education or employment.

Everything we do is underpinned by robust governance processes and we meet and exceed all quality and safety standards. Our business systems guarantee the quality of our services and the stability of our organisation but do not frustrate the creativity and innovation of our staff or prevent us caring passionately about what we do.

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  • Statistic One

    We deliver a broad range of health and social care services

  • Statistic Two

    Change Grow Live service users are 32% less likely to need to return to services than the national average

"It doesn’t really feel like work to me - it’s a pleasure getting to sit and talk with people. When you come into our service you are talking to people who genuinely care about service users doing well. This isn’t just a job for them - they really care.”
Kevin - Senior Practitioner
Our people
Our staff work in integrated teams of health and social care professionals, peer mentors, volunteers and service user representatives to offer service users options tailored to their specific needs. Teams share ideas and inspire each other to do the best they possibly can for every person who needs our support.

We provide an organisational framework that enables our staff to work to the best of their abilities, with excellent training opportunities and inspirational managers who live and breathe the values of our organisation.

Our staff care passionately about the people they empower and demonstrate our organisational values in every aspect of their working lives. They are ambitious about the outcomes our service users can achieve and persistent in their efforts to help everyone make positive changes. They work with us because they want to be happy in their jobs and to make a real difference.
group of staff members
Our staff care passionately about helping our service users.