Our new art group in Norwich

Being creative can relieve stress, improve self-esteem, provides a sense of achievement.

Creativity gives us the ability to express ourselves through emotions and experiences. Looking at someone else’s art helps you see life through their eyes. It gives you a chance to show people the world through your own eyes.

We’re looking for people who use our service to join a steering group to create an Art group. We want to run a program designed to offer people the opportunities to express themselves, learn, and join in on creative tasks. This could be in any art form, from drawing and painting to poetry or writing.

We can’t wait to enjoy a cuppa and get some ideas up and running. You do not have to have any experience in any art form to join this steering group or the group once up and running.

If you would like to take part in this steering group, please email Hope and Calhan to find out more:

[email protected] & [email protected]


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