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Why service providers change

Drug and alcohol services in England and Wales are funded by local authorities and public health commissioners. They select local providers of social care or criminal justice services based on the quality of the outcomes they achieve for the people they support, and the value for money they offer.

From time to time, commissioners of drug and alcohol services invite other providers to compete to run a service, along with the existing provider. If a new provider is judged to offer a better approach to the delivery of the service, they will be chosen to take over the contract on a fixed date.

Once the change has been confirmed, the new provider will work with the current provider to ensure a smooth transition for service users and staff.

What if my service is moving to CGL?

We are committed to supporting service users and staff through the transition process, which can make those involved feel uncertain and concerned about the future. Read more about how the changes will affect you if you are:


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