Integrated Recovery Service - St Helens


How we can help

We are here to support you if you want to make positive changes to your drug or alcohol use.

We are a drug and alcohol service for adults aged 19+, families and carers in St Helens. We offer a wide range of support including one-to-one appointments and group work.

As well as drugs and alcohol, we offer support with health and wellbeing, criminal justice, domestic abuse and homelessness.

We also have a Building Bridges project. This is a specialist family support project. We work with parents who are affected by substance use.

If you are concerned about your drug use, please take our drugs quiz. You can also chat to us online.

Get in touch

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help you, please do get in touch.

Phone: 01744 410752

Email: [email protected]

Families email: [email protected]


Follow us on social media to see what we're up to in the service and in the community.

Find us

  • 80 Corporation Street
    St Helens
    Merseyside WA10 1UQ
  • There is public parking near the service, as well as several car parks near the building.

Opening times

These are our opening times.

  • Monday 09:00 - 17:00
  • Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
  • Wednesday 09:00 - 19:30
  • Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
  • Friday 09:00 - 17:00
  • Saturday 09:00 - 13:00
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Your first visit

When you arrive, we'll have a quick chat about what support we can offer you. We know it can seem daunting, but you can chat with staff in our waiting room and have a hot drink.

If you'd like to bring a friend or family member for support, please do.


Cheshire and Merseyside Counselling Service

We offer one-to-one counselling to support you in your recovery. We can support you with activities like guided meditation, emotional management, and creative groups. We can do this face-to-face, online, or over the phone. It's a safe space for you to open up without fear of being judged.

If you'd like to have counselling, please speak to your recovery coordinator.

General advice

If you’re worried about your drug use and want to make some positive changes, we’re here to help. Cutting down or quitting drugs can help you to be happier, safer, and healthier. Here are some steps you can take.

Tips for cutting down or stopping your drug use

Tips for taking care of yourself

Mental health advice

Drug advice and support

Everyone’s journey from an addiction to drugs is different. The right treatment for you will depend on your experiences and your current situation.

If you need help with drug problems, we’ll get you the personalised support you need. Read more about the types of support we offer below.


If you’re dependent on heroin or another opioid, you might get a prescription for medication-assisted treatment such as methadone or buprenorphine. You can use this medication to help you cut down or stop using.

If you come to one of our services and decide medication is the right option for you, we will work with you to make sure you are on the right dose.

We understand that recovery isn't everyone's goal. We will only suggest reducing or stopping medication-assisted treatment if you are ready and it's safe. 


A drug detox will help you to either switch safely from a drug to a medication, or come off drugs altogether. The detox will be part of a bigger recovery plan, and a medical professional will manage and guide you through it.

This might be an in-patient treatment at a service or medical facility, or it could be something you do at home. You might be given medication to help you with the detox and the withdrawal in particular.

Needle exchange

You can get access to clean needles, syringes, and other equipment at our needle exchange. You can also dispose of used equipment. Our needle exchange is at the Riverview Health Centre. You can also get clean needles at local pharmacies. Pop your postcode in below to find your nearest one.

Find a pharmacy for needle exchange

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Chat to us

We'll connect you to someone from our national online team. They’ll introduce themselves and ask for your first name. They'll then ask you some questions to understand your concerns and needs. This is a free and confidential service. Please note, the team can't discuss your current treatment with you. 

You can speak to someone during our webchat opening hours:

Monday: 09:00 - 20:00

Tuesday: 09:00 - 20:00

Wednesday: 09:00 -  20:00

Thursday: 09:00 - 20:00

Friday: 09:00 - 13:00

Saturday: 09:00 - 13:00

By using this service you are agreeing to our Terms of Use.

Sorry we're closed

Please come back when we're online:
25 July 09:00 - 20:00
26 July 09:00 - 13:00
27 July 09:00 - 13:00
28 July Closed
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