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Getting help for your mental health

Ask for help if you need it

Around one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. You are not alone and it is always OK to ask for help, even if you are not sure what your thoughts and feelings mean. Asking for help is a sign of taking control rather than weakness.

This page from Mind provides some really useful advice on taking the first step towards getting help with a mental health problem.

Suppressing problems can make them seem bigger and harder to resolve than they are. Don't be scared to ask for help from a family member, friend or professional. Talking is not always easy, but practice makes perfect.

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Always try and avoid using alcohol or drugs to manage the way you feel

In order to reduce the risk of developing mental health problems as a result of alcohol or drugs, we would recommend you stay within the government recommended guidelines for alcohol and avoid any illegal substances.  Some people use substances to help manage the way they feel or avoid unpleasant thoughts and feelings. However, this is often an unhelpful coping strategy and can cause problems later on. If you have concerns around your alcohol or drug use, our alcohol self-assessment tool or our drug self-assessment tool could provide you with some personal advice around how to access the right information and advice to support you in making positive changes and improve your health and wellbeing.

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More advice and information

For more detailed information around mental health symptoms and support options, we would recommend visiting one of the sites below.