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Drugs and alcohol

Are you worried about your drug or alcohol use, or do you want to help someone else? 

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Understanding drug and alcohol problems
There are many reasons why people start using drugs or alcohol. Sometimes recreational use becomes more and more frequent until it becomes a serious problem that affects someone's daily life, their health and their relationships with other people. For others, substance use may be linked to traumatic past experiences or current issues. Genetic and social factors can also play a significant role.
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There are many reasons why people start using drugs or alcohol.
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Are you worried about your drug or alcohol use?
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"I was so nervous going to Change Grow Live for the first time. After one session I realized that there was nothing to be worried about at all and everyone was in the same boat as me."
Jo - former service user
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Help someone else
Are you worried about someone who has drug and alcohol problems or mental or emotional health needs?

Our services provide various different types of support and will be able to point you in the right direction to get the appropriate help and advice.
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Find out how Change Grow Live can help you.
Read about naloxone
- the opioid overdose
reversal drug
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See harm reduction advice
for people who may encounter
fentanyl or carfentanil
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Learn about hepatitis B and C
and how to get tested
Hepatitis information >
Read Gareth's recovery
story and see how Change
Grow Live can help you
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