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Cambridge Street & Mental Health Outreach Team (CSMHOT)

CGL Cambridge Street & Mental Health Outreach Team is street and community based service dedicated to identiying and working with people who are over 18 and are either rough sleepers, engaged in a street based lifestyle whose anti social behaviour may be causing a nuisance, putting themselves and others at risk and making people feel unsafe.

What we do

The service also works with homeless or vulnerable housed individuals presenting with mental health support needs, that are not engaged with mainstream mental health services.

Service aims:

  • Reduce rough sleeping in the city of Cambridge
  • Reduce street based anti social behaviour such as begging, sex working and street based drug and alcohol use
  • To provide access to accommodation, primary health care, substance misuse services and welfare benefits
  • To provide specialist Alcohol harm reduction advice and access to community detox
  • To improve access to mainstream services for people who have a mental illness or dual diagnosis
  • To provide support to those are vulnerable and present with poor mental health but may not have a mental health diagnosis
  • To enable people to address their issues, leave the streets and lead more constructive, safer and responsible lives.
2nd Floor
125 Newmarket Road
United Kingdom
01223 367240

8am to 4pm Monday to Friday