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About us

cgl staff photoWho we are

Change, grow, live (CGL) is a social care and health charity that works with individuals who want to change their lives for the better and achieve positive and life-affirming goals.

Our service users are people whose lives have been held back by a range of social issues and concerns, including substance misuse and other forms of addiction, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, domestic abuse, mental health issues and offending.

All our services are designed to encourage individuals to find the strength and resources within themselves to bring about the life and behavioural changes they wish to achieve.

Our mission is to help people change the direction of their lives, grow as a person and live life to its full potential.

Our values

CGL places the service user at the heart of everything we do. We fundamentally believe that everyone has the potential to change and that everyone deserves, not only a second chance, but as many chances as it takes to find the key to their own success. 

We are driven by a belief in social justice and are passionate about creating opportunities for all our service users to make positive improvements to their lives. We respect our service users and support their right to self-determination and independence. 

As a charity, our aim is to make our expertise available to as many individuals and communities as possible that need our support and have the potential to benefit from our life-changing work. 

Our Services

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We provide the following: 

  • Substance misuse services

We work with individuals and families affected by drugs and/or alcohol, who wish to stop or reduce their substance misuse and achieve recovery within their 
local community.

  • Children and young people's services

We provide a range of services to children and young people to support them to reduce risk and build resilience. Our provision includes substance misuse treatment and prevention services for young people as well as emotional wellbeing, advocacy support, specialist safeguarding services and provision for those affected by parental substance misuse.

  • Criminal justice services

We provide therapeutic and treatment services within prisons and the community for people who have been involved in criminal activity. 

  • Accommodation and homelessness

We work with people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to support them to find accommodation and live independently. 

  • Clinical services

We work in partnership with GPs in community settings to administer and manage therapeutic drug treatment for people who need support to overcome addiction. 

  • Families

We provide intensive support for families with complex needs around parenting and antisocial behaviour. We also deliver services for families affected by domestic abuse.

Local services

All our CGL services are rooted within the communities they serve. This ensures they are sensitive to the environments in which people live and that they are well-connected to other local services and agencies that can provide an all-round approach to people’s care and development.

Our people

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Our people are crucial to our success. All our staff, peer mentors and volunteers are passionate about their work and dedicated to helping others achieve the change and growth to which they aspire. We provide high quality training to enable them to develop the skills and expertise they need to deliver services to the highest standards. 

We work in partnership with other agencies to provide comprehensive services that meet the full range of our service users’ needs and prioritise partnership as a means of developing support networks throughout the community. 

How we work

The concept of recovery lies at the heart of our work. This means supporting individuals to overcome problems and issues and helping move towards independence and participation in positive, healthy activities. 

We encourage our service users to plan their own individual recovery journeys and to rebuild social networks and recovery communities that can help develop their confidence and social skills and maintain their commitment to change.


CRI was founded in 1977 under the name SARO and re-launched in 2000 through the amalgamation of SARO with the charities Second Chance and the St Thomas Fund.

In 2012, CRI merged with the charity Sova, which supports individuals to stay clear of crime. Sova is a subsidiary of CRI and together they provide more than 200 services across England and Wales.

Change, grow, live (CGL) was formerly known as CRI. We changed our name in 2016 to better reflect the work that we do to support people to move forward and change, grow and live. 


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