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Service user involvement

We are committed to involving service users in all aspects of service planning and delivery.

Service users are represented in decision-making processes, where their views and opinions are used to develop our services to meet their needs better.

We recognise the vital role that service users have as recipients of, and partners in, the programmes they are involved in. By having effective and meaningful service user involvement processes we are able to:
  • Ensure that our services are accountable to service users
  • That the service user experience is improved
  • Provide a vehicle through which consultation on future action plans can be undertaken
  • Promote healthier lives, wellbeing and active citizenship
  • Increase service user choice
  • Foster positive relationships between staff, volunteers and service users
  • Ensure any changes in service provision are communicated clearly, in a way that makes sense to those affected by them
  • Develop more innovative ways of working to improve service quality
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We ensure that our services are accountable to service users.
Nathan - regional service user rep
"I saw an opportunity for myself to really help service users and at the same time continuously gain the knowledge to improve CGL from a service user’s point of view. CGL has helped me in my own recovery and helped me get my life back on track."

The service user involvement team is made up of:
  • Service user representatives who represent service users’ views and opinions in their local service or project
  • Regional service user representatives who represent their service at Regional Service User Councils
  • National service users representatives who represent their region or directorate at the National Service User Council and attend CGL management and governance meetings
  • Service user leads and coordinators who are staff members that support service user representatives; acting as a conduit between service users’ and all areas of CGL business.
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We recognise the vital role that service users have.
Get involved
If you're interested in becoming a Service User Rep, please speak to one of the other reps in your service, or your local Service User Involvement Lead.

Find out more from one of our Service User Reps

A National Service User Involvement Rep. So what’s that all about? What does one of them do? How much time does it take?

CGL sets great store by actively involving its service user community at all levels of its activities. This wide group of people has a huge array of skills that can be utilised to help improve the quality of services being provided.  Involvement often starts at a local level, where individuals  have first engaged with CGL’s services to get on the road to recovery. Many see further involvement as a way of staying on their recovery pathway.

It makes sense that good practice at local levels can be shared at a regional level and ultimately at national level. At the national level  the  national reps work closely together with CGL to support initiatives across the piece, feeding in their accumulated knowledge to the processes that make things happen.

They also attend CGL management and governance  meetings to provide the service user perspective, and get involved in management initiatives such as the recruitment of staff to key CGL positions and helping bid for new business.

All in all a very valuable and rewarding role. Time spent on it can vary according to the size and complexity of each area of responsibility, but in all cases the role is welcomed and the reps can take great pride in their achievements which can impact across the whole organisation and its client base.

Bernie Carr, National Service User Representative