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Our approach to safeguarding

We firmly believe that the safeguarding of children and adults at risk is everyone’s business.

Safeguarding is woven into every aspect of our work, from the recruitment and training of staff and volunteers, to service design and delivery, continuous quality improvement and governance.

We are not only committed to meeting and exceeding legislative requirements and modelling the highest standards of professional practice, safeguarding for us is about outcomes not processes and is integral to everything we do.
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Safeguarding is woven into every aspect of our work.
We take a holistic, whole family approach in delivering our services to enable us to build up a comprehensive picture of each service user’s family dynamics and any wider support needs.

We use a dedicated children and family’s module on our in-house, bespoke information management system to flag safeguarding concerns and share information across our services.
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Our initial contact and triage process identifies the individual level of safeguarding support required so we can put in place interventions that support people to meet their needs.

We understand that individuals have the right to make decisions and informed choices. This includes remaining in situations perceived by professionals or others to be risky or dangerous, subject to the provisions of the Mental Capacity Act 2005.
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“I am committed to embedding safeguarding practice and partnership learning across all of our teams. I work collaboratively with partners to improve communication, the quality of referrals and the identification of safeguarding concerns.

I also provide safeguarding supervision to support frontline staff, improve outcomes for our service users and their families and ensure compliance with our safeguarding policies, which underpin everything we do.”

Kerry - Safeguarding Lead, Birmingham
Our comprehensive suite of safeguarding policies, procedures and toolkits helps staff identify and assess safeguarding issues and implement appropriate interventions to prevent harm. Staff are supported to identify, consider and assess an individual’s capacity to make informed decisions regarding the intervention offered.

We have a transparent culture that ensures learning from incidents both within the organisation and any national agency learning is shared and applied effectively throughout the organisation to distil and embed best practice.
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We work collaboratively with adult and children’s social care, Multi Agency Safeguarding Hubs and other specialist services, including Independent Domestic Violence Advisors. We frequently co-locate our services in children and adult social care environments to develop partner relationships and facilitate an effective multiagency approach.
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We pro-actively solicit feedback from individuals and families who use our services to ensure they have a voice in service design and understand and influence how and when we work with other agencies to support them.
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Recruitment and training
We use safer recruitment processes and undertake values-based interviews to understand people’s motivations for working with our service user groups.

All staff and volunteers who work directly with service users are DBS checked at an enhanced level prior to starting work. All our bank and agency staff are also pre-vetted to national standards. Induction and training covers safeguarding issues with further training for staff in particular roles. Staff are required to complete an e-learning module in relation to the Mental Capacity Act, exploring the relationship between the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the Mental Health Act 2007.

Safeguarding needs are integrated into all our team and management interactions and supervision provides a space for reflective practice to enable staff to learn from and understand their experiences in the field.

We encourage our staff to be professionally curious and to feel able and empowered to undertake difficult conversations with clients to manage safeguarding concerns.
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We encourage our staff to be professionally curious.

Safeguarding and parental substance misuse

Our substance misuse services take a whole family approach to the treatment of individuals. We work with families to manage the risk to children in households where there is an adult substance user or where powerful medications are present.  Our aim is to enable individuals to understand the impact of their substance misuse on their families and the potential risk to children in their care while they are in treatment.

We operate a family-focused prescribing policy with specific safeguarding processes in place that factor in the risks to children and make the home environment as safe as possible. These include home visits to assess risk and educate families, providing safe storage equipment for medicines and prescribing buprenorphine over methadone (or daily supervised consumption) to reduce the dangers to children of gaining access to medication. Where appropriate, home visits may be undertaken with social care teams/health visitors.

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    We take a whole family approach 

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    We operate a family-focused prescribing policy