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Strong partnerships are key to our success. We work with a wide range of partners on a local and national level to provide the highest quality support for our service users.

Our approach to partnerships


We develop strategic relationships with key partners whose services support delivery and outcomes, adding real value to our service offering.

For example, we have formed a partnership with Breaking Free Online to provide an online treatment and recovery programme for our service users. We also work with Intuitive Thinking Skills in multiple locations, to provide an accredited educational programme giving service users the psychological tools to control their addictions.


We are a national organisation that is delivered locally and is embedded within communities. We continually develop local partnerships with organisations rooted within and ‘owned’ by the communities in which we work. This allows us to maximise community engagement and contribute towards a strong local voluntary sector. For example, in Birmingham we work with SIFA Fireside - a local charity providing help for homeless and vulnerable adults.

Many of our services also partner with local schools and colleges to educate young people on the risks of substance misuse.

Peer led

We support many local recovery and community groups such as Mutual Aid, reflecting our commitment to Asset Based Community Development. A great example of this is Red Rose Recovery in East Lancs. Staff at our Inspire service refer service users to Red Rose for community recovery programmes such as allotment projects and sports activities, supporting people into recovery and increasing recovery capital.


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    Our partnerships add real value to our service offering

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    We support many local recovery and community groups

The benefits of partnership working
Our flexible and creative approach to partnerships allows our services to be increasingly inclusive, addressing whole population health and social care needs.

By working closely with partners we create added value, addressing cross-cutting health themes, housing, offending, education, training and employment.

Substance misuse treatment, recovery and rehabilitation services should never operate in a vacuum. We always seek to work with statutory and non-statutory partners to ensure our services meet a wide array of health, social care and community needs.
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Chris Davies – Regional Supply Chain Manager, Shaw Trust
"Without doubt, Change Grow Live exemplifies everything we, as Shaw Trust, look for in a partner and ambassador organisation. Change Grow Live is committed to continuous improvement. Their contribution has resulted in HMPPS CFO3 becoming a stronger, more effective contract, with greater capacity for future delivery."

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One of our objectives is to broaden our health offer to focus on public health, wellbeing, lifestyle and behavioural change services

Our partners include:

Breaking Free Online
Breaking Free Online is an evidence-based online treatment and recovery programme for alcohol and drug dependence. It harnesses the latest digital technology to make effective interventions more powerful, engaging and accessible than ever before.

Change Grow Live's innovative partnership with Breaking Free Online means Change Grow Live is able to offer all its service users 24/7 access to confidential treatment and recovery support via the internet every day of the year. And since the programme directly targets 36 substances – including NPS, substitute medications and prescribed medications of abuse – it strengthens Change Grow Live’s ability to engage and treat the growing number of people who are misusing these types of drugs.
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The work our staff, peer mentors and volunteers do isn’t always easy and can sometimes demand a level of emotional resilience. Our partnership with Headspace provides all our staff, volunteers and peer mentors with free access to Headspace, a mindfulness and meditation website and app. The aim is to introduce the concept of mindfulness to staff with a longer term view of increasing knowledge around mindfulness for client interventions. Research has shown Headspace has a positive effect on focus, self-control and stress management. This complements our wellbeing zone, which has a wide range of resources that support a healthy body and mind.
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Collective Voice
Collective Voice is a group made up of Change Grow Live and other third sector providers including Addaction, Blenheim, Cranstoun, Phoenix Futures, Swanswell and Turning Point and exists to ensure the voice of the drug and alcohol sector and those who use its services are adequately heard. The project has two main goals:

  • To identify the most effective structures and mechanisms to enable the entire drug and alcohol treatment sector to represent the interests of its service users to relevant stakeholders
  • To establish how the drug and alcohol treatment sector can help the government achieve its ambition.

The project is overseen by a Board made up of the funding organisations and is led by Paul Hayes.

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Emerging Futures
Emerging Futures aims to inspire individuals who have experienced substance or alcohol misuse, mental ill health or offending, with the hope and ambition to change and improve their lives and make a positive contribution to their community. At the heart of Reach Out Recovery (Birmingham) are Recovery Coaches who have been trained to provide empathic and motivational support to help people rebuild their lives. By working with Emerging Futures we help generate hope, aspiration, motivation and opportunities for people to make profound, positive and enduring changes in their lives. By adding a Recovery Coach to each of CGL's community settings - shared care, hospitals, detox and rehab programmes and family groups - it is easy to demonstrate that recovery is not only possible but visible and holds the promise of a rich and fulfilling life.

Intuitive Thinking Skills

Intuitive Thinking Skills deliver their unique, peer led educational courses within several CGL services. Intuitive Recovery ™ provides a no-nonsense way of saying NO, wherever you are and whoever you are with whilst the Skills-Tu Employment ™ course delivers practical tools for people to get back to work, volunteering, training or education.
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KIKIT Pathways to Recovery CIC is a BME specialist community based health and social care enterprise, working with individuals, families and communities that are affected by drugs and alcohol. KIKIT's projects and services are developed and designed to meet the needs of hard to reach and marginalised communities. KIKIT delivers a specialist culturally sensitive service as part of Reach Out Recovery, Birmingham.

Shaw Trust

Change Grow Live's partnership with the Shaw Trust brings together the two organisations’ distinct and complementary resources to help some of the most disadvantaged, challenging and disengaged individuals access mainstream services and employment; reducing the risks of reoffending and helping to make communities safer. The Shaw Trust is the UK's largest third sector provider of employment services for disabled and disadvantaged people.

Change Grow Live and the Shaw Trust have been confirmed as preferred bidders in the National Offender Management Service’s East of England and London tender to work with offenders.
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Reducing Reoffending Partnership
The groundbreaking Reducing Reoffending Partnership (RRP) brings together three experts in offender rehabilitation – Change Grow Live, Ingeus and St Giles Trust – to deliver a step-change in the provision of offender rehabilitation services and realise the government’s goal of reducing reoffending in the UK. Ingeus and St Giles share Change Grow Live’s value base, which places service users at the heart of what we do; helping people to achieve lasting change. Change Grow Live’s long-standing expertise in rehabilitation is combined with:
  • St Giles Trust’s expertise in developing programmes which put reformed ex-offenders at the heart of the solution; training participants to use their skills and first-hand experience to help others through peer-led support
  • Ingeus’s experience of helping people realise their potential through work and training with employment recognised as a key factor in preventing reoffending
The Reducing Reoffending Partnership has been selected as the government’s preferred bidder to deliver rehabilitation services across the Midlands.