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Free products, advice and support to help you stop smoking for good

Ready to stop smoking? We're here for you.

Whether it’s for your health, for your kids, to save money, or something else, you're more likely to succeed if you get support. With SmokeFree Hull, you get:

  • Expert one-on-one support to find the best way to stop smoking for you
  • Free stop smoking aids like nicotine patches, gum or Champix
  • Someone to encourage and cheer you on

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Very Brief Advice

Do you want to help someone stop smoking?

It takes 30 seconds to save a life using Very Brief Advice – Ask, Advise and Act!

Watch this short video and learn how to have positive conversations about stopping smoking with your loved ones and the local community, so they can lead happier and healthier lives. Discover the benefits of quitting and the different ways to refer them into our service for free support.

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Please give our team a call on 01482 977617 to arrange face to face appointments at various clinics throughout the city, or alternatively telephone support or video calls are available.