Wirral Ways welcomes a new group of volunteers

Last week a group of eight volunteers completed their introductory training and are now fully fledged Wirral Ways Volunteers. The cohort received their training from Wirral Way’s Service User Involvement and Volunteer Lead, Mellissa Scarlett.

Mellissa said: “Volunteers are an integral part of the service we deliver. Our volunteers are committed to helping us build an organisation that respects the values and the diversity of everyone who accesses our service regardless of an individual’s protected characteristic. We believe in people, and it is my passion to see individuals grow personally and professionally.”


A group of people in a volunteer training session at Wirral Ways

Volunteers are an integral part of the service we deliver.

The volunteers will be joining a variety of different teams from the Outreach to the Medical Team. Some will also be joining the team in Nightingale’s Recovery Café, working within the café prepping food and providing support and advice to those in need.

Joining our Nightingales Café team are Bev and John. John, another ex-service user said: “It was very interesting to know a lot of things that go on that we didn't know about and I'm just looking forward to helping out.”

Our volunteers play a massive role within Wirral Ways. Without them, the service wouldn’t run as it does. Our volunteers have often been service users themselves and this is the next step on their recovery journey. This sets them up in the unique position of being able to able to use their first-hand experience to provide support and advice to service users. Our volunteers can also set new service users’ minds at ease as they know the process and how the service works, using their experience to guide their support and advice.

David, who is a new volunteer within the Academy team said that “I've been through the service, through the academy, so it'd be nice to give them a bit of knowledge I've learnt back to other individuals.”

Jackie, who’s going to be working with the team who runs our Health Huddle added that “I've learnt some very valuable information, new things. It was delivered very well indeed, very professional. I feel grateful and I can't wait to grow with Change Grow Live.”

All our volunteers have an accredited induction and accredited training courses before they commence any role at Wirral Ways, all candidates must be willing to have a DBS check completed, this is so we can make sure we are following all our safeguarding policies. We place very high importance on issues around Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults.

We have a variety of different roles so watch out for our next recruitment in 2023.


A group of people in a volunteer training session at Wirral Ways
A photo of someone in a volunteer training session at Wirral Ways