What Black History Month means to me - Guehi

16 October 2020
Written by: Guehi Musah

Black History to me is a time of rejoicing, celebrating the achievements, and the leadership of black people. It is a time when we tell our stories and reminded of - the good times, the bad times and the ugly times.  

Black History Month is a time for me as an African, to recognize the role of Black Africans in history. To thank those who have given us hope or a life lesson that could be used in generations to come. To thank all those who fought for our freedom and the abolishment of slavery. 

For me as a black African woman who migrated to the UK, I remember my parents telling me that I had to work thrice as hard as my white counterparts. And now as a mother - I see myself telling the same things to my son. I can remember cold winter nights, going out, my brother and male cousins were told they could not have their hoods covering their heads to protect them from the cold, as they might be seen as gangsters. 

In this Black history month, I would not only want to remember Black history, our beautiful lands, arts and culture - I also pray for the future to change. For Blacks or Asians not to be judged or stereotyped but be treated with equal right and justice. In this area the role of the media to help correct this cannot be over emphasized. 

A white friend of mine recently asked what can we do to make black lives matter? Another friend shared this poem: 



Teach them love. 

Teach them respect. 

Teach them the value of humanity, the WHOLE of humanity. 

Teach them equality and diversity. 

Teach them to see colour, all the colours. 

Teach them to embrace the similarities and the differences. 

Teach them empathy. 

Teach them not to fear the colour or to see the colour as a barrier to partnership or friendship. 

Teach them that there are good and bad in every colour and that they should learn to make up their own mind on who is who. 

Teach them to be brave to stand on the side of justice, even when it may be a lonely ride. 

Teach them that we are all God’s creation and that it is the heart of man that truly matters. 

Teach them that although the world is divided in so many ways, they have the capacity to be the change for building community and peace within their spheres of influence.