Michelle's story during coronavirus

photo of helen matthewsMichelle moved to Wales from Kenya in 2020, after a long wait caused by the pandemic, to be reunited with her Welsh husband. 

On arriving, she didn’t qualify for financial help and needed to find employment, but Covid had severely affected job vacancies.  Many offices had closed, such as those dealing with essential services like getting a National Insurance number. 

Michelle is a qualified solicitor in her home country, but can’t work as one here, so she was searching for a role that would suit her skill set. 

The ACE project supported Michelle to update her CV for the UK job market, prepare for job interviews and stay updated on local job opportunities.  

Michelle also felt quite alone and isolated, in a new country in lockdown, knowing only her husband. We introduced her to online social groups, to meet and talk with other local people. 

When Michelle was successfully hired for a job at Pembrokeshire College, we supported her to register with the Education Workforce Council and secured her NI number. 

She is now working as an Employability Administrator, helping young students in their own journey to employment.

What a wonderful outcome, congratulations Michelle!


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