Change Grow Live responds to the tragic deaths of people who use drugs

The Office of National Statistics today released their report on the number of people who lost their life as a result of drug misuse in England and Wales during 2022.

There were 4,907 drug-related deaths registered in England and Wales in 2022.

Mark Moody, Chief Executive for Change Grow Live said:

"It is a tragedy that 4,907 people who use drugs have died. We must remember that behind every statistic is a person’s life.

“The treatment sector is working hard to improve services, but these statistics are a harsh reminder that there is still so much more to do.

“All of these deaths are premature, many are preventable, and our efforts should be focused on improving life expectancy and ensuring that people who use drugs receive the care, support and attention they deserve.

“We need to encourage more people to talk about their drug use so they feel able to reach out and ask for help. We need people to know that when they do, they will be listened to, respected and well looked after. And we need to continue to do everything we can to make sure services are as accessible, convenient, and inclusive as they can be.”