Training for people providing a take-home naloxone service

Naloxone is a drug that can reverse the effects of opioids. Anyone can use naloxone in an emergency. You don’t need to be a doctor or medical professional. 

Naloxone kits come in two types. They have the same effects but you use them differently: 

  • Prenoxad, which comes as a pre-filled syringe. You inject this type of naloxone into a person’s leg, through their clothes if you need to.
  • Nyxoid, which comes as a nasal spray. You spray this type of naloxone into a person’s nostril.  


These courses cover recognising and responding to an opioid overdose, and how to use naloxone to potentially save someone's life.

The courses are provided free of charge by Exchange Supplies, a social enterprise on a mission to reduce drug related harm.

Exchange Supplies share e-learning course pass data for all candidates with email addresses with the CGL training department.