Webchat terms of use

Change Grow Live webchat puts you in touch with a professional advisor. You can ask questions and they’ll give you information, advice, and support. It’s free to use - we just ask that you read these terms before you start so you know what to expect.

It’s confidential

Anything you tell us and any advice we give you is confidential. It stays between us and we won’t share it with anyone else.

To make sure everything stays private, make sure no one else can see your screen or what you’re typing. It’s best to use your own phone or computer rather than as a shared one. If you don’t have your own phone or computer, you can use private browsing. Find out how to do it here. The chat is gone once you’ve closed the window.

The only time things won’t stay confidential is if we think you’re in danger. If that’s the case, we’ll talk to you about how we can help you stay safe. We might also let other people, like the emergency services, know what’s going on. When you use webchat we can see your IP address. Your IP address is a number that’s unique to your phone or computer - like a phone number. From your IP address we might be able to tell where you are - we won’t be able to see your address, but we might see what town you’re in. In a serious situation, we might share your IP address with other services to help them help you.

Read more about our responsibility for your safety.

For more information on how we take care of your data and confidentiality, read our privacy policy. 

It’s not for appointments and prescriptions

We can’t make, change or cancel your appointments on webchat, or get you a prescription. Speak to your local service for this.

It’s not for emergencies

If it’s an emergency and you or someone else is in danger or needs help right away, call 999.

You need to be over 13

Our webchat is only for people aged 13 and over. If you’re under 13, you can use ChildLine’s webchat to get help instead.

We won’t tolerate abuse

We won’t tolerate any abuse, threats or inappropriate language on webchat. If this happens, we’ll give you a warning. If you carry on after we warn you, we’ll end the chat.

Any questions?

If you have questions about these terms, get in touch at [email protected]