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Change Grow Live response to the Housing Related Support cuts in West Sussex

Change Grow Live response to the Housing Related Support cuts in West Sussex

15 January 2019

In August 2018 West Sussex County Council announced a proposal to cut 100% of funding for Housing Related Support, and 75% of funding for Local Assistance Network Contracts. This equates to total cuts of £6.3 million.

Organisations from the housing related support and homelessness sectors have come together to form a coalition of existing providers to lobby and campaign for the protection of funding for the County. Change Grow Live is a member of this group as we run a supported housing and resettlement service across Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

The purpose of the coalition is to:

  • Demonstrate the impact of such cuts on vulnerable people and communities across West Sussex
  • Raise awareness of the cuts and their impact among key stakeholders across West Sussex
  • Provide a coordinated response to the County Council with regard to the impact of the cuts

Supporting the impact assessment, a video was created to promote the services delivered, and the benefits realised by Housing Related Support services and the Local Assistance Network. The video was aired at the Health and Social Care Select Committee (HASC) Scrutiny committee on the 12th December.  

The lobbying efforts of the coalition have had a positive impact. West Sussex County Council recognised that the contracts needed extending for six months and that a full consultation should take place.

The Council also proposed reducing the Housing Related Support cuts from 100% to 64% - this would leave a budget of £2.3 million.

This is not the response we wanted and will mean a lot of hard work and lobbying to ensure that we can develop service models that reflect the needs of the County.  We will keep up the fight. Now more than ever, the West Sussex Coalition of Providers has a critical role to play in keeping the pressure on to protect good models of service and continue to meet the ever growing needs of our communities.