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Responding to service users stories via the Care Opinion website

Responding to service users stories via the Care Opinion website

19 June 2019

Change Grow Live recently become a member of Care Opinion, an independent feedback platform where people can share their experiences of accessing health and social care services. We were delighted to learn that Care Opinion has named us as one of their top listening organisations.

Care Opinion lets us know when any stories are posted that relate to a service user experience in a local Change Grow Live service. We can then respond appropriately to the story, highlighting any actions taken as a result of the story, or offering a relevant response via the Care Opinion website. 

As a charity, we value the opinions of service users. Their stories can help highlight achievements and act as a transition point in a person’s recovery journey. Stories can inspire, motivate, and provide a real-life reference point for authors and readers alike. Responding to these types of stories provides validation, an opportunity for the author's efforts to be recognised, and illustrates the work done to achieve a positive outcome.  

Stories detailing the experiences of service users are invaluable to the work Change Grow Live does. They provide both critique and praise, highlighting how we work with the people who use our services. Their views and opinions are instrumental in developing services that work best for them.  

We will continue to establish further feedback loops that work for both staff and service users. Ensuring the user voice is embedded in future governance structures is a high priority. Local, regional and national pathways are under review, along with all service user involvement material, training and support roles.

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