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CGL launches new report and action plan to mitigate the threat from fentanyls

Monday 9th October, 2017

In September 2017 CGL and Volteface convened a ‘round table’ to discuss responses to the growing threat posed by fentanyl and its analogues. Fentanyls have similar effects to heroin but are much more toxic and even a small amount of a fentanyl in a heroin 'hit' can be enough to kill. 

The round table followed reports of at least 60 deaths linked to fentanyls in England and Wales in the previous eight months and CGL’s direct experience of managing outbreaks of fentanyl-related overdose deaths in two areas in England.

This report details the findings from the day which are informing CGL’s strategic response to fentanyls. The report includes:

  • Key themes discussed
  • Conclusions
  • Our recommendations including a three point response plan for services, commissioners and partners.

Read the report

To discuss the report, or for further information please email:

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