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  • 8 January 2016

    For 2016 I have committed to trying to write a blog every Friday so long as I think I have something vaguely interesting to say and that anyone is listening / reading. So within the spirit of the new format for Prime Minister’s Questions I am happy to invite people to propose subjects / questions to be included.

    First blog of the year is possibly going to be simplest given the release today of new Guidelines on the Health Risks of Drinking Alcohol /  Low Risk Drinking Levels. I shall declare an interest from the start in that I used to run a Pub and am not ‘abstinent’ today.

  • 6 January 2016

    ‘Have you got the balls to #getchecked’ is a sexual health campaign targeted at men in Hertfordshire which will run from December 2015 to April 2016.

  • 21 December 2015

    Christmas and New Year is a time for celebration and many people drink more alcohol when attending parties and gatherings with friends. Increased drinking often means that people lose their inhibitions and are therefore more likely to try party drugs. Worryingly, people may not be aware that the health risks of mixing drugs with alcohol can be extremely high and sometimes unpredictable.

    To help combat this, Change Grow Live's (CGL) Reach Out Recovery’s ‘Prepare to Party’ safety campaign is giving tips and hints to partygoers on how to have a great time out while staying safe.

  • 17 December 2015

    Have you ever considered hosting a soft drinks only Christmas party? These are our top tips.

  • 17 December 2015

    Taking a break from drinking is a great opportunity to experience all the benefits that an alcohol-free life can bring. However for people with an alcohol addiction it can be unsafe to stop drinking suddenly.

  • 7 December 2015

    Subwize worked really hard over AAW and managed to engage 3050 young people at various events across the borough. 

  • 16 November 2015

    Today (16 November) marks the start of Alcohol Awareness Week, a yearly campaign run by Alcohol Concern to raise awareness of issues around alcohol and its impact on health and the local community.

  • 13 November 2015

    I came to Some Space looking for support around my Mum's alcohol use and feeling she was unable to see the size of the problem.

  • 10 November 2015

    Guest post

    Since 2007, Change Grow Live (CGL) and AIR Sports Network have worked together on a range of highly successful programmes across London. We have engaged with vulnerable and excluded young people in Barking and Dagenham, at major substance misuse reduction and treatment programmes in Newham and Camden and at innovative re-offending reduction programmes in Lewisham.