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Celebrating Volunteers' Week 2017 in Wales

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Celebrating Volunteers' Week 2017 in Wales

15 August 2017

Although CGL has always had a presence in Wales, unfortunately we have been unable to spend as much time on the fun but important things. However this year was different, as volunteer programmes are now successfully up and running across the two services we thought we had better make sure our volunteers really knew how important and valuable they were to us. For this reason Taith and the Emotional Wellbeing Service came together for an afternoon to throw a shindig for all who could attend. We were well prepared with our room decorations and playlist and the services closed a little early so everyone could show their support.

"Volunteers here at Taith are the beating heart of all that CGL do. The engine that keeps the vehicle on the road. I’m pleased that this day has been set aside to praise all their hard work and endeavours. CGL would not be the same without you. Thank you."

Garfield Collins - Taith

We had a buffet of delicious sandwiches, nibbles and fresh cream scones and we played games where both services’ volunteers were able to get to know each other as well as the thankful staff who were able to join in. Leanne and Sandra, our Service Managers, made a speech to explain what volunteers mean to them and their personal relationship with the volunteer programme before going on to award everyone with a certificate and box of chocolates. There was recognition for all who couldn’t attend, with certificates prepared to be given out at a later date.

We also used the celebration as an opportunity to bid farewell to one of our Social Work students whose last day it was. With a card and a gift from us all, the team shared their appreciation and made plans to catch up in the future.

"Volunteers are an invaluable resource which enhance service delivery, it creates a collaborative working environment that is ever fluid allowing opportunities for sharing, learning and gaining new skills and knowledge throughout the team."

Leanne Bruford –Service Manager

The celebration went just as planned, with a noisy room full of chatter, music and laughter. We have great ideas for what we can do to make it even better next year and look forward to having even more volunteers to celebrate with.

Taith have made a poster which includes snaps from the day as well as comments from the Taith about why volunteers are important to them. It has been displayed in all three of our bases to remind everyone of what a great afternoon we had but more importantly why they are so important to the service and why they are valued.

"Each and every one of our volunteers should feel valued and appreciated for the hard work they do and the dedication and commitment that they show. They give up their own time to support people to make positive changes to their lives and without them we would not be able to deliver the high standard of service that we do."       

Nikki Chalkley - Taith