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New Directions Mansfield team away day

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New Directions Mansfield team away day

20 July 2017

On Thursday, 29th June 2017, the CGL New Directions Mansfield service were fortunate enough to be granted a day out of the office, to participate in a Team Away Day!

The Away Day was put together by Dean, Team Leader, for the purpose of assisting the team in being more cohesive and giving them the opportunity to discuss topical issues.

The day started with a sea of bright and cheerful faces at Lockwell Hill Activity Centre, in the rain, for a morning of Archery. Despite initial reservations, the team embraced the activity and some healthy competition developed between the teams. During this, Locality manager Ken clearly demonstrated the essence of teamwork. In spite of his inability to even see the target, Ken’s team prevailed as the winner’s and received the coveted gold medals!

team away day

Following a successful morning, the team headed over to Forever Green at Ransom Wood Business Park for a working lunch and the opportunity to discuss driving the service forward.

All staff who were able, did attend, which ensured a broad outlook from different aspects of the team. It was refreshing to hear the team displaying their passion for their work and combining their efforts to shape the future of service delivery in Mansfield.

Staff very much appreciated the brief break from the usual fast-paced nature of the service and feel that it has benefitted them personally, as well as for them as team members.

Feedback from staff

"I think it benefitted the team by hearing each other’s worries and points of view so everyone has an understanding of each other’s views”.

Becky, Recovery Champion

“I felt the day was a sense of fun and a chance to let my hair down away from the office. We are a pretty tight team but I think it brought us together even more”.

Kate, Administrator

team away day archery

"The feel-good banter between the team was memorable and I enjoyed the competitive battles between colleagues. Also the positive vibes of encouragement for all during the activity”.

Calum - Group work co-ordinator

“It was of great benefit to have time with peers in a fun setting to bond more and work together as a team when playing archery. It was beneficial to have time to relax, unwind and enjoy the moment rather than what can sometimes feel like working at 100 miles an hour."

Rebecca - Healthcare assistant