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Wellbeing through the Weekend: Gardening

28th July 2017

Ultimately, the combination of the outdoors, exercise, mindfulness and knowing that you are creating something is a natural recipe for improving your wellbeing.

Newark party in the park 2017

25th July 2017
newark bbq group

It was our second annual party in the park and the sun decided to shine just before it started at noon. 

New Directions Mansfield team away day

20th July 2017
team away day archery

The Away Day was put together by Dean, Team Leader, for the purpose of assisting the team in being more cohesive and giving them the opportunity to discuss topical issues.

Why the Para Athletics reminded me of CGL

18th July 2017
para athletics photo

Each and every competitor I watched was actively trying to improve themselves, to change their lives for the better, to make something positive out of something painful. 

Wellbeing through the Weekend: Join a Choir

6th July 2017
music and piano

Perhaps one of the chief benefits of joining a choir is the community that you can develop within one. Belonging to a group, such as a choir, brings you into a strong sense of social wellbeing. 

Supporting family members

30th June 2017
two people

As part of CGL's commitment to support family members of people who use substances we recently trained in the 5 step family approach with Professor Alex Copello from Birmingham University. 

Wellbeing through the Weekend: Walking

23rd June 2017

Walking is essentially an activity which drags you into the present. As you feel the air rush past your face and your feet dig into the ground beneath, you feel the weight of gravity centre you to the earth, bringing you into a mindful state.

NPS Summit – Birmingham

9th June 2017
nps packets

The NPS Summit held by change, grow, live on Thursday 27 May at Recovery Central in Birmingham was organised to create an approach together, and to make a difference to the lives of the most vulnerable within Birmingham.

Wellbeing through the Weekend: Taking a digital detox

9th June 2017
Wellbeing Through The Weekend - Digital Detox

When was the last time you took an extended break from social media, the internet and/or all of your devices? If it’s been a while, or you’re not entirely sure, it might be time for you to take a digital detox. This week’s Wellbeing through the Weekend post is about taking some space from the digital world and focusing on the physical world.

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