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Affected by someone else's addiction?

Addiction can affect the lives of families, friends, partners and carers. If you are worried about someone else’s drug or alcohol misuse, or you need some advice or someone to talk to, change, grow, live can help. 

Our local services can support you with up-to-date advice, factual information and support. Change, grow, live (CGL) can support families, partners, friends and carers to share your experiences of living with or caring for someone with drug or alcohol problems, and help to keep you safe throughout that process.


Many family members find themselves asking whether they are to blame for their loved one’s problem – “What did I do wrong? Is it something I've done?” 

You may also experience feelings of guilt, hopelessness, shame, isolation, depression and anger. Many people feel overwhelmed by trying to cope with someone else’s problems with alcohol or drugs.

Your concern for the person you care about can make it hard to consider your own wellbeing, so change, grow,live family support services are here to help you recognise that your quality of life, health & well-being are just as important.

Change, grow, live support services can help you to think about what you would find most helpful in living with the presence of substance misuse. We can support you to reduce your stress and increase your personal wellbeing by teaching you to climb off the merry-go-round, to stop being the rescuer or enabler and to put yourself first.


It can be all too common for violence and substance misuse to go hand in hand. If this sounds familiar, you need to understand how to keep yourself safe. Change, grow, live family support services can help you learn how to do this and can assist you in ensuring that you have a safety plan in place. 

Useful hints to keeping safe & well

  • Ask someone else to take over things at home, or decide to let things just take care of themselves for a while
  • Access your nearest family support group
  • Make time to do something nice just for you
  • Revisit activities you enjoy that you may have let slide as life became harder
  • Call 999 in emergencies.

When things are at their worst, it is hard to think about what you can do, or to consider simple things such as: 

  • Have an emergency bag packed with a change of clothes & containing all your essential and important documents
  • Identify another family member or close friend who would be willing to make their home a safe haven for you
  • Have the number of your local domestic abuse service(s) on your person at all times

These are just some of the things you can put in place.  Change, grow, live family support services will be able to help you to identify patterns to your loved ones drinking and/or drug use alongside any red flag alerters.

Don’t suffer in silence & isolation, take the first step in your own recovery today and call your local service.

Other sources of support

If you’re struggling to cope with the impact of someone else’s addiction, there are a number of other organisations who can offer support. 

Have you been bereaved through a loved one’s drug or alcohol use? Click here to find out more about the BEAD project in London.

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