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Top tips for taking care of yourself

Below are some top tips for taking care of your Health and Wellbeing. 

Stay active

Exercise can help improve sleep, concentration and your overall mood. Physical activity can also improve general mood for people experiencing mild depression. Whether it is a workout in the gym or a simple walk or bike ride, it can be uplifting. Exercise can also be great fun socially.

You can search for activities in your area on the change 4 life website here.

You can also get exercise ideas and tips here.

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Eat well

A balanced diet is as good for your brain as for your body. Improving your diet can protect against feelings of anxiety and depression.

You can find tips on eating more healthily here.

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Get a good night's sleep

Sleep has both physical and mental benefits. Physically it is the time when the body can renew its energy store but sleep also helps us to rebuild our mental energy.

Find information and guidance on getting good sleep here.

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Stay connected

Strong social and family relationships are important for good mental health. People who feel connected to other people have a network that can support them if they experience anxiety and depression.

We understand that this isn't always easy. If you are a Change Grow Live service user, why not find out about some of the social activities going on at your service?

Volunteering can be a great way to meet new people. Find volunteering opportunities near you here.

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Take time for the things you enjoy

Don't feel guilty for taking some time for self-care. Whether that's reading a book, taking a long bath or watching box sets, actively set aside time for activities you enjoy. Try new things and develop hobbies. If it means saying no to a social event, that's OK. It's important to put yourself first sometimes.

Do something you are good at. Expressing yourself through your interests, skills and talents has a positive effect on mood.

You can read some tips and ideas for relaxation here.

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