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Breaking Free Online 

Breaking Free Online is an award winning digital treatment and recovery program for substance misuse. It is accessible 24/7 on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Which gives you access to proven behaviour change techniques, it is easy to follow and totally confidential – and FREE! 

The program can be applied to over 40 substances including, alcohol, opiates, legal highs, substitute medications and prescribed medications, supporting users in reaching their recovery goals.

Breaking Free Online

The Impact Breaking Free can have on your recovery journey is:

• A reduction in substance consumption and substance dependence
• Improved mental health, quality of life and recovery progression
• Increased resilience and self-efficacy
• Enhanced computer skills and digital inclusion

Breaking Free Online

As well as the website, there is also the Breaking Free companion app, which is a relapse prevention toolkit based in a smartphone app, available on Android or Apple.

For a free taster session and an access code visit -

Breaking Free companion app
Breaking Free companion app