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Alcohol advice and information

It can be hard to keep track of how much you're drinking. 

The Government advises that adults - both men and women - should drink no more than 14 units a week.

You can find out how many units are in different drinks on the Drinkaware website.

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This quiz can help you understand how much you're drinking.

Once you've answered the questions we'll help you decide what to do next.

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Why should I cut down?

There are lots of reasons to cut down if you're drinking too much. Here are some of them:

  • Less stress
  • More energy 
  • Lose weight
  • Look better
  • Sleep better
  • Improve your relationships with friends and family
  • Reduce your risk of heart and liver disease, diabetes, and many forms of cancer
  • Statistic One

    Improve relationships with family and friends

  • Statistic Two

    Sleep better

How can I cut down?

Here are some tried and tested tips to help you cut down on how much you're drinking:

  • Write down how much you're drinking to help you keep track
  • Set yourself a limit, and stick to it
  • Have three alcohol-free days each week
  • Eat something before you start drinking 
  • Have water or a soft drink in between alcoholic drinks
  • Try drinking slowly 
  • Try low alcohol or alcohol-free drinks - there are lots to choose from
  • Statistic One

    Write down how much you are drinking 

  • Statistic Two

    Eat something before drinking alcohol

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There is lots of information and support available if you would like to learn more about alcohol use; below are some helpful websites and mobile phone applications.

Useful websites

Here are some useful websites where you can read more about alcohol: