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Drug-related deaths are at record levels. 4,359 people in England and Wales tragically lost their lives as a result of drug poisoning in 2018.

This is a national public health crisis and urgent action is needed.

Two-thirds of drug-related deaths involve drug misuse. Many of these deaths can be prevented if we all ensure people have access to the appropriate treatment and harm reduction services. These tragic deaths affect us all, impacting on families and communities across the country. There are steps we can all take to help save lives.

"Drug-related deaths are at record levels. This is a national public health crisis and it’s time to take action, because #EveryLifeMatters."

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Your life matters

Our message to people who use opioids is: your life matters and you can take action to live a healthier, longer life.

Accessing treatment
The majority of drug misuse deaths involve people who are not in treatment. Treatment works and it saves lives.

There is a wide range of treatment options available, from information and advice about harm reduction and safer injecting, to medication-assisted treatment and therapeutic sessions.
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Treatment works and it saves lives.
"I learned how to calm myself down, and deal with my feelings in a healthy way. I was taught how to have real relationships, love myself and understand the traumas in my life. I understood that my life matters."
Hannah - former service user
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Naloxone is a drug that can reverse the effects of opioids. Naloxone can save lives if used within a short period following an opioid overdose.

Carrying naloxone could save your life or give you the ability to save someone else’s life: if a family member or friend uses opioids like heroin, you can also access a kit and training to help them.

Always call an ambulance if someone you are with goes into overdose.
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Naloxone saves lives.

More than


of our naloxone kits

have been used to potentially save a life

Blood borne virus (BBV) testing and treatment
Being tested for blood borne viruses, such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV, is a very important way of keeping you safe and potentially prolonging your life.

Testing is simple and involves putting a spot of blood (obtained by pricking a finger) on a piece of filter paper. Anyone that tests positive for any BBV will be supported and referred into specialist treatment.
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Testing involves putting a spot of blood on a piece of filter paper.
"This time it was different, I could sleep, I had an appetite, I could continue going to work. I could even keep riding my bike. After 6 weeks, my hep C was completely cleared. I was cured."
Simon - former service user
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Hundreds of drug misuse deaths can be prevented every year.
Get in touch with your local drug service and find out how we change people’s lives.

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