DWP Peer Mentoring Service

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If you’re struggling with gaining employment because of your substance use, we can help.

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How it works

You will be paired up with someone who has been in your position who will support you. They will help you to identify what you want to achieve, and support you in engaging with the job centre, drug and alcohol services, and partner agencies.

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What to expect

You will have 8 - 10 mentoring sessions with your peer mentor. We will come and meet you either in your local community service or job centre, wherever you feel comfortable.

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First appointment

Before your first appointment, have a think about what goals you want to achieve and what you wish to work on. 

Contact us

If you think you could benefit from our peer mentors, speak to your job coach or drug and alcohol worker. They will be able to refer you into our service.

Get in contact to find out more information on how we can help and advice on how to get referred to us. 

Phone: 07721681701

Email: [email protected]