Drug and Alcohol Service - Reading

Our timetable

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This gives you a chance to meet the team, discuss the recovery pathways and gives you an intro to what the service can do for you.   

This will be held at the service from 10.00 – 11.00. Please get in touch to find out how to join.  


SMART Recovery group for women only. 11:00 till 12:30 in the service


A group for all to attend that gives you a chance to speak to peers and get advice and support on how you can manage daily struggles and maintain your progress.  

This is held at the service from 15:30 - 16:30.  



A workshop to give you all the support and advice you will need for your planned community/inpatient detox. 

This is held in the group room from 10:00 - 11:00. 


This workshop helps look at the way you can reduce your alcohol intake safely, and work towards a medically assisted detox. From 11:30 till 12:00 in the service

Get in touch to find out more about how to join. 


Exploring Stimulant use and ways to overcome it through Psycho-Social Intervention. Held in the service from 15:00 till 16:00



A course to support you to remain free from substances, offering you techniques and tools to support your continued recovery. In the service from 13:00 till 14.30

Please get in touch to find out how to join. 


All abilities are welcome at our creative skills sessions. You’ll be given a space to express thoughts and feelings using art in a variety of ways. 

This is held at the service. 



This workshop is useful if you want to quit or cut down on your cannabis use.  It will give you advice on managing cravings, avoiding triggers and setting goals.  



Come and relax and experience guided meditation to help with focus, self-worth and relaxation. We can also provide ear acupuncture at these sessions. 

This is held at the service from 15:00 - 16:00. 


In our family and carers support group we can provide support and advice if you have a loved struggling with substances. 



Programme that provides training and tools for people with problematic behaviour, including drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, food, shopping and others.   Held in the service every Thursday from 17.30 till 19.00. 



This group provides you with the support you need when you are abstinent from alcohol. We can provide support, relapse prevention, advice and techniques


This is a group for women only held at Alana House. Please contact the service for more information. 12:00 till 14:00

Our courses

    • Session duration: 2 hours

    Foundations of Change

    An introduction to the principles and values of recovery.

    Considering the idea of making positive changes. The culture of addiction vs recovery, setting goals and support networks. 

    This group is on a Monday at 13:30.

    • Session duration: 1 hour

    Evening Foundations of Recovery Group

    Key aspects from the recovery courses are given in a group setting.

    Content is varied depending on the clients attending. It is held at the service and on Zoom. Get in touch for info about how to join. 

    This group is on a Monday at 17:30.

    • Session duration: 1.5 hours

    Foundations of Growth

    Embedding recovery and promoting connectivity within the wider community.

    Exploring motivation, risks, triggers, how to challenge negative thinking and develop coping skills. 

    This group is on a Tuesday at 13.00.

    • Session duration: 1.5 hours

    Foundations of Life

    The emphasis of this course is more on relationships, understanding the self and the application of participants learning from the previous two stages. 

    This group is on a Thursday at 11.00.