Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service - Gloucestershire


We no longer run the Gloucestershire Drug and Alcohol Service – it has changed to an organisation called Via.

Visit the website for more information about Via. You can also email [email protected].

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Read the stories of the real people at the Drug and Alcohol Recovery service in Gloucestershire. Thank you to the people who use our services, staff and volunteers for sharing!

A photo of a man stood outside one of the hubs in Gloucestershire

Meet Kieron

At 33, Kieron has overdosed on heroin three times. The last time, four months ago, it took four shots of adrenalin to bring him back.

Today, as I sit talking to Kieron, he looks well. He tells me his story with an authenticity and commitment that leaves me in awe and with nothing but respect. His steely determination, his family and his complete engagement and commitment are the reasons he sits before me alive and well.

This is Kieron’s story

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Meet Emma

A 31 year-old professional working full-time in the renewables sector and living in Stroud, Emma is a recovering alcoholic.

She is warm, kind and brave. She has agreed to share her recovery story in the hope it will help others realise they are not alone and that help is out there.

This is Emma's story.