Decadence, a poem by Klairissa

In West Sussex, the creative writing group has been meeting over Zoom. They dedicated some of their sessions to the theme of Recovery Month and received incredible poems from people at all stages of their recovery. Here are just a few of the poems that were submitted. 

This is Decadence, a poem by Klairissa.


Another day, having had no sleep 
I had given up, but not the poisoned pleasures 
of pure decadence. 
Through decaying eyes, and a scalded thumb, 
I scanned my texts, not noticing at first its relevance. 
‘Do you need help’ the words read out 
‘Police escort or perhaps a taxi’? 
Notwithstanding to habits of late, I replied 
‘Yes please’ to this act of benevolence. 
Disbelieving of myself, that I would even  
try to get better.  
Around ulterior surroundings I behave with 
No longer plagued by my detrimental  
Weeks then months went by, my mind  
cleared massively. 
I can see again 
No more cravings for poisoned pleasures 
Embracing time and company at my  
good friends residence. 
Time now to live, to love and be a mother 
Important lessons I have learnt  
Striving to be the best me I can be  
Now I can aim to achieve my personal  
Along the way I have found love and  
a brand new meaning to the word 



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