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Shepherd House

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We are a community recovery supported housing project offering support to those individuals who have a period of at least six weeks abstinence from drugs and/or alcohol and are motivated to build on and sustain their recovery. We provide a purpose built supportive environment offering support to 11 service users.

We offer our service users the opportunity to be supported in their recovery journey in a two staged approach. Initially service users in early recovery become part of the Shepherd House community. Those being referred to Shepherd House will need to be able to evidence at least six weeks of abstinence, be leaving prison, or residential detoxification to meet the criteria for assessment. Shepherd House is an abstinence based service and service users will need to evidence their motivation to remain abstinent from drugs and or alcohol whilst staying at our projects.

Service users are supported by staff and peer mentors 7 days a week, there is an expectation that they engage fully with the projects group program. The project will work flexibly to ensure that all service users are enabled to also engage with any criminal justice orders and/or drug and alcohol service support and programs.

Shepherd House offers service users the opportunity to establish a degree of stability, trust and safety and our experienced staff team will support service users in a variety of ways. The project runs a structured group program, Foundations of Recovery, along with a variety of other tools and techniques to develop service users strengths and resilience including; ITEP mapping, motivational interviewing, brief interventions, complimentary therapies, attachment-based practice, peer mentor training, peer support and peer led groups. This supportive environment will enable service users to actively work on their treatment recovery plan with multi agency support and to minimise some of the external distractions that can impact on their recovery journey. The ultimate aim is to support service users to complete their treatment plan and exit services in a sustainable way.

Service users will receive regular drug and alcohol testing and can expect to be challenged if testing is refused. Service users will also be challenged regarding engagement levels if there are concerns.

Once stability has been achieved and the service user is looking for a more self directed meaningful use of time such as voluntary work, education or training, they will be supported by the resettlement worker to move over to The Cedars.

We offer our service users the opportunity to be supported to achieve a return to independent living substance free. Each service user will have a personalised plan developed by them with the help of their key worker. Our experienced staff team will support the service user using a range of tools, theories and approaches to ensure the best possible sustainable outcome is achieved.


We provide;

  • Secure accommodation
  • One to one key worker
  • Independent living skills
  • Structure
  • A personalised plan
  • ITEP mapping
  • Counselling
  • Peer support
  • Peer mentor training
  • Resettlement support

Make an appointment

To make a referral you will need to complete a referral form you can do this; by visiting the project in person, telephoning us, emailing or by asking a professional already involved in your support to help you.

Make a referral

Our referral forms are available from our project and most agencies locally have access to them.

Can’t attend your appointment?

Our referral forms need to be fully completed, this must include a personal statement in the service users own words. We need as much information as possible, service users engaged with services such as substance misuse, mental health, prison or probation are advised to complete the application with a professional.



Victoria Grove is close to Folkestone bus station and Folkestone central train station. Victoria Grove is a turning off the Cheri ton Road and the project has a car parking at the rear of the building which is accessed by the drive at the side of the building. Use the door bell at the rear of the building to access the staff office.

Shepherd House
3, Victoria Grove
CT20 1BT
United Kingdom

The project is fully staffed 9.00 – 17.00 Monday to Friday

The project is flexibly staffed in the evening and at the weekend.

We are not open access. Places are allocated following our referral and assessment procedure.

01303 220699