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CGL, The Bridge Project and Project 6 launch new substance misuse service in Bradford

CGL, The Bridge Project and Project 6 launch new substance misuse service in Bradford

26 May 2017

Health and social care charity Change Grow Live (CGL), The Bridge Project and Project 6 have been awarded a new contract for a community based substance misuse recovery service for adults across the Bradford Metropolitan District.

The three organisations have formed the partnership, Connect, and will launch the service on 1st October 2017. It will be based in hubs across Bradford, Keighley and Craven, with a range of discreet community venues across the district, aiming to make recovery services accessible for all.

The new service, awarded by Bradford MDC Council, is for individuals, concerned others and their families who require assistance with substance misuse.

Connect will work collectively with partners across the district to deliver a holistic and comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of the local communities. These include health and wellbeing interventions, clinical services, housing advice, training and education and links into employment among other things. It will be fully integrated, supporting people throughout their personal journeys and focus on enabling people to move on with their lives and reach their full potential.

Connect supports and enables people to make positive sustainable change resulting in Better Health, Better Lives.

Shirley Riley, Director at Change Grow Live said:

“We’re really excited to be selected as a partnership to provide what will be the first opportunity for Bradford, Keighley and Craven for an integrated service offer for local residents.  We’ve created real ambition in our model to support people to recognise, understand, identify and address drug and/or alcohol behaviours to enable positive change.  We want to create hope and inspire people to lead fulfilling and positive lives.”

Colin Stansbie, Public Health Commissioning Manager said:

“We are delighted to award this contract to CGL who will work alongside two of our established voluntary sector organisations; The Bridge Project and Project 6.  The contract is a result of a detailed full service review and a consultation with service users, concerned others, staff and the wider public which identified the need for an integrated recovery system. We are confident that CGL, The Bridge Project and Project 6 have the experience and resources to manage the difficult challenges that we will all be facing over the coming weeks and months in improving the outcomes for individuals, their families and communities affected by substance misuse.”

Vicki Beere, Chief Executive Officer of Project 6 said:

“We are delighted to be delivering services in the Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven area as part of this innovative new partnership, while continuing to provide a range of additional services supporting drug and alcohol users and their families to recover and thrive. By working in partnership and engaging local resources and groups we hope to show the positive benefits that recovery brings to individuals, families and whole communities.”

Jon Royle, Chief Executive of The Bridge Project said:

“Connect aims to help people with substance misuse problems turn their lives around and become productive members of the community. Bridge is delighted to be part of such a dynamic partnership, bringing together local treatment providers with a highly regarded national organisation to achieve our goals.”

Connect is a working name subject to service user and stakeholder consultation. The name represents how the service will work with local partners to encourage individuals to connect with their local communities and services to support people in realising their full potential, achieving positive and sustainable change. 

If you have any feedback regarding the name please email

Image by Flickr user:Tim Green aka atouch [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons