Remembering our former Chief Executive, David Biddle

With great sadness, I am sharing the news that our former colleague, David Biddle, has recently died.

David joined us as Deputy Chief Executive and moved on to become our Chief Executive, he served our organisation and the people who have used our services for 21 years.

I first met David back in 2000. Through his commitment and passion, he helped elevate a small team of specialists into a nationwide charity that went on to change thousands of lives for the better.

Over the two decades that David worked with us, the world changed dramatically. However, no matter the circumstances, David never faltered in his mission to help those in society who felt stigmatised, excluded or vulnerable live the best possible lives.

These principles still guide our organisation today, and this is a legacy that all of us at Change Grow Live promise to honour and preserve through the work we do in the years to come.

David Biddle with his grandchildren

David leaves behind two incredible sons, Andrew and Mark, and his beautiful grandchildren. Our deepest condolences are with them and all his family and friends at this difficult time.

- Mark Moody, Chief Executive.


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