Black Lives Matter - our statement

11 June 2020

George Floyd's murder asks uncomfortable questions of us all. How should we respond, individually and collectively, to this horrific example of the way in which racism defines and destroys the lives of black people the world over?

As a white British man I have never been subjected to racism myself, and I know that I can never fully understand the experience of those who have. 

I know that the system we are a part of institutionalises and perpetuates inequality – it is a truth that I cannot ignore.

We must do more to tackle racial injustice, inequality and discrimination, but I don't yet know what 'doing more' means. That's why we will listen to the experiences of our BAME colleagues and those who use our services and ask them to help us find the answers.

We can start by making changes to our organisation, but it won't be enough. We commit to working with others to fight racism and intolerance in the health and social care sector and beyond to make a better society for everyone.

Mark Moody - Chief Executive