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If you’re a Newham-based professional working with Young People, here are the training and workshops we run.

Training and workshops

    • Session duration: 3.5 hours 

    What is Hidden Harm?

    Childhood and adolescence can be a tough time for any young person, let alone a young person who is being affected by the substance misuse of a parent/carer/someone close to them.

    This workshop explains the Newham YP Hidden Harm Pathway and how we support young people who are affected by the substance misuse of people around them and how to refer to our Hidden Harm team.  

    • Session duration: 3.5 hours

    What drugs has to do with it

    This workshop provides professionals with general drug awareness covering multiple substances.

    The workshop will cover awareness of these substances, how they are used, how they can cause harm, how to safely reduce and how to minimise harm whilst using and reducing substances. This workshop is suitable for professionals who are working with young people who are actively misusing substances or have a history of substance misuse.  

    • Session duration: 1.5 hours

    Intro to Newham Rise Young People and Families Service

    A short workshop ideal for new starters who are in need of an induction into our service and what we offer.

    This workshop will break down our different pathways, criteria and how to appropriately refer into the relevant pathway.  

    • Course length: 3.5 hours

    Family and Carers

    A workshop detailing the Family and Carer’s pathway and how we support the family and carers of young people and adults who are misusing substances.

    This workshop will detail the support this pathway offers and the way to appropriately refer to the service.  

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If you’re a Newham-based professional working with adults, you can find training and workshop options here.